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My Spotify premium doesnt work

My Spotify premium doesnt work

I have had Spotify premium for several years and suddenly it doesnt work. It have changed to a Free account according to my Spotify App
7 Replies

Sounds strange.


Before you contact support (1), please check if it shows everywhere (2) only your status as free user.

I am assuming your bank card/details didn't change recently?



They usually reply within 1-2 days.
You'll get an automated reply email, on which you need to reply back.


(2) e.g. when you use mobile/desktop app, check in the web player, or vice versa. thx

No, no change in creditcard or something. All diveces shows Free. Allready mailed the support and didnt get any useful suggestions of solutions

I am having a similar issue. Had the 7 day trial, followed playlist and played them off line. Now went Premium two days ago and it wont let me play songs off line.

Hi @Johlind, can you confirm that your account shows that you have a Premium subscription at


@MaksG87, can you confirm that your songs are definitely synced offline before you actually go to play them offline?

I have the same problem. My credit card was charged for the month of June for spotify and it won't let me access the premium at all and says I have a free supscription and that I need to pay to get premium even though I've been charged. I messaged spotify twice about this problem over a week ago and have not heard a single word back yet and I'm starting to get extremely annoyed because this is straight bull**bleep** because I've done everything your "help center" says to do and it still won't work. Seriously? What's the deal? Your customer service is horrible.

Yes, I was playing the same songs offline when I was on the 7 day free trail.

@Swanny can I get an answer finally?

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