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Need to Alphabatize My Library

Need to Alphabatize My Library

After the latest update, the artists in my library are no longer alphabetized, making it a massive pain to find what I’m looking for. Especially in offline mode. It’s a near endless scroll to find a single song from an artist. 


Also - the new UI is dreadful. Please bring back the A-Z scrollbar for My Library so we can find artists, songs, etc more easily. This new AI is cumbersome at best and really drags the Spotify experience down. 


I switched to Premium because Spotify made it so easy to manage my library. It’s such a hassle to use now in its current state. If there is no update soon, I’ll have to cancel premium. This is waaaaaayyyyyy too much work.



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Hi there!


I've had this problem too, until I realised if I scroll all the way up under the Artists tab, a button called "Filtres" appears. Then you can choose to alphabetise your artists.


I hope this works.



I did this initially, but the problem is that it only sorts the artists you follow. So, if I only like a song or two from an artist, but don't care to follow them, then I have to scroll through a mish-mash of un-sorted bands until I find the one I am looking for. It's an unneeded step. The old way was much simpler - here are the bands you have downloaded music from in alphabetical order. Now I am forced to follow each band so I can complete the simple task of listing them from A-Z? Yikes. 

I agree, spotify please change the library organization.  a to z was very helpful in artists not just albums. you dont always know what you wanna vibe too so scrolling through albums to see which artist i might wanna play then going back to artists to search for them because i wanted to shuffle more than one album is a slight hassle, cut the middle man out and organize the library again please. i like that it makes you listen to new music but theres plenty of other great ways spotify provides the chance to do so. a to z artists please 🙂

This is the worst part of this update. The fact that you changed how "follows" work and influence the library list is atrocious. First of all, separating the artist list into follows and unfollowed is needless and just an example of change for change's sake. Second, losing the ability to browse an alphabatized list of artists WITHOUT going through the hundreds (or thousands, for some users) of artists on their library and following them, is basically telling users to do 4+hours of unpaid labor just to regain a simple function that a Spotify programmer could fix easily.


Dreadful choice by whoever greenlighted this update.

Good news! In a recent iOS update, the alphabetical quick scroll bar is back in the Artist and Album sections. To see it make sure you have those section sorted alphabetically. If you don't see it yet make sure your app is up to date and you should see it soon.


How to sort:

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I really want the alphabet scroll for the liked songs section!! I really don’t wanna leave Spotify because I like how they allow us to customize the equalizer with premium but all that scrolling is a hassle!!

You don't need to scroll. Just pull down and use the filter.

The filter ain’t helping when I have hundreds of songs downloaded

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