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New UI is Inconvenient, Not Geared Towards Listeners

New UI is Inconvenient, Not Geared Towards Listeners






iPhone 6S Plus

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iOS 12.1.4

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This topic has been posted before, and I have already made an idea page (as have quite a few others), but I feel that it is best to share this critique on multiple platforms so that we may be heard. 


Consequently, I must say that the update to the new UI is awful. Instead of linking artists and albums to all your saved songs, the artists is now linked to who you're following and the albums only shows full albums that you have saved. This is extremely inconvenient for those that like to listen to songs by artist or album. Either this update needs to be reversed, or there needs to be an option to link these tabs back to saved songs. 


I simply do not understand why the officials at Spotify thought this would be a good idea. Spotify is, at its core, a listening service. It is not a service to see what your favorite artists are doing right now. It is not a service to make you download full albums instead of picking the music you like. This is the 21st century, and we have the ability to pick and choose what we like. Spotify should reflect this principle, and allow us to view ALL of our songs sorted into artists and albums, instead of what has been done now. 


This update is not user friendly. It is not geared towards its community - and thus is not a useful update nor a viable update for navigation. It must be changed. 


Attached are pictures of the old update vs the new update for reference. 

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THEY NEED TO CHANGE THIS....WHY DID THEY THINK THIS IS A GOOD IDEA???? I’m in love with Spotify but I’m not dealing with this

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