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New iOS app is terrible

New iOS app is terrible

First problem with the app on my iphone 5 is that it starts to synch then for no know reason stops, so I have a half full playlist of downloaded songs and half online only. The only way to get this to kick off again is to restart my phone. Really irritating now that I can't get the last 8 songs of an almost 2000 song playlist to download, worked fine before upgrading the app.

Second issue is when I am in a playlist and filter, usually if I searched for a certain artist then pressed play and skipped a track it would only play within the filtered search. Now it just picks any track from the playlist if I am on shuffle. Obviously if I don't have shuffle on it will play the next track in order, but if the best track happens to be a different artist from the filtered search, then it will go onto them. The filter part is not working, only acting as a search function.

Other than that the app is just so slow and unresponsive, and this is on a phone that two weeks ago had a perfectly working spotify app
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Also another thing, when filtering a playlist if I type in the filter box, pick a song and add it to queue for example, then go to type in the filter box again it doesn't bring up the keyboard, so I then need to cancel and filter from scratch

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