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New "Video Cover" Function

New "Video Cover" Function

Hey guys - today I noticed that by playing songs like "Feel It Still" or "So Far Away" on my iPhone X there is no normal cover anymore but a looping Video about 10-15 seconds. First i thought it was the full music video but also its awsome when my iPhone is on a docking station with dosplay on and shows some more as just the cover!

Is there a Playlist with only songs that use this looping video? What is the name of this function? will there be more songs using this? 


6 Replies

I noticed this too. I haven’t been able to find any more information about it on the internet.

I hate it. I came here looking for a way to disable. Anyone know how to stop the video loop? 


I use Spotify's when driving and discovery of such thing almost caused me to crash. Very distracting and I don't need that drama in my life. 

Don't get me wrong, Spotify is trying to introduce new content and that's great, but with it, there should come an option to disable it. 

Look, it's interesting and all, but when the loop is on , I CANNOT access my queue.  Unline when there is static art there.  Is that the intended behaviour?  Because if so, it isn't well thought out. 

I made a playlist for songs that I can find of.

and if you listen to Spotify Radio, the buttons for thumbs up/down are replaced with shuffle and repeat, that are not even possible to use in radio ...


I guess it also replaces the actions when using "Daily Mix" and breaks that too... Maybe someone should test your new features for bugs before pushing them out.

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