New update is terrible


Re: New update is terrible

Casual Listener

I'm right there with you guys. I've been using Spotify for years, I love the service they provide with premium, or used to. This new update really has me frustrated, I can't find my music, the library is all messed up, and there is no way to really look through it that makes any sense. The library from the past was one of the reasons I loved Spotify so much. The artists, albums, songs, etc. all followed by what you recently listened to?? AMAZING. This new update, however, the exact opposite of amazing, the opposite of what Spotify used to be. If you want to do a big update changing one of the most fundamental and key parts of the entire app, fine. But give us a way to go back to the way it used to be, so you don't upset a huge portion of your base.


Slow, slow, slow


Awful  awful update. So many things gone awry, but the main thing is when you are looking to select an album it freezes for a few seconds then maybe decides to open. So fast access to a track is impossible.  I would  go to deezer tomorrow  if it wasn't  for the fact I have a family sub and it means changing too many details.  **bleep**!