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Here’s the reason why this is the most annoying update of all even though I’ve been annoyed with almost every update since the removal of desktop notifications. Just now I was thinking of a song that I couldn’t remember the artist or name. In the old design I could scroll through the album art and find what I want pretty fast. That’s the way I search for my music 99% of the time. This update removed all the albums that aren’t saved in full from the Album section, and buries those singles in the Liked Songs playlist which is literally just Songs renamed and moved. How lazy.


I never post on this forum but I logged on and typed all this just to say I’ve already got my Apple Music sub and started moving my library. I’ll check back to see if this failure update is ever reverted but for now it seems like Spotify is only gonna keep getting worse and more user HOSTILE.


Edit: just noticed my avatar is a monkey with headphones. That’s fitting. Spotify devs must think we’re all baboons.

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Suddenly "Like Songs" has appeared and all of the songs in all my playlists are jumbled into this one list.

I have scrolled down all the playlists and found my favorite list but I can't see a way on sorting the order of the playlists.


I have to pile on, unfortunately. 


This update is so bad and it does nothing but cause stress and frustration. I strongly urge you to bring back a reasonably organized library for premium users.



I have to agree with this I’ve also never posted on here and have been happy with Spotify for years but this new update makes no sense 

I used to use artists to see most of the songs I’d saved but now you’ve got to follow the artist in order to do this. I don’t want to be forced to follow hundreds of artists when I’ve only saved a couple of songs by them.

And we shouldn’t have to save every song on an album to have it under the albums section I rarely want to listen to every song on an album.

There used to be an a-z scroller as well to make it easier to jump through your songs but this seems to have vanished aswell





Totally disrespectful of users.


For anyone else dreading moving your library to another service, there's a bunch of tools online that are really useful. I won't link them here obviously. This update has made Spotify completely unusable for me. The ease of moving my library has made this breakup hurt a little less, but it still hurts. I will miss Spotify's discovery and playlists, but time after time they've removed useful features and proved they don't care about the users who pay for the service.


So let's take our money elsewhere.


I cannot believe a huge worldwide corporation like Spotify would make such a monumental blunder as they have done with this “update”!

Surely there must be some wise heads working for Spotify that can see how bad this is. 

This could be the month that Spotify loses tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of subscribers. 

Although I have a ipad and iphone, I have never been a big Apple fan. However, Apple Music is now looking an attractive alternative.

Are there other music apps like Spotify that we could try?






And still no official response from spotify. I guess they want to sit this one out, gather some usage data, etc. 


This is the opposite of your branding spotify. Be as friendly to us as you make yourself look.


Agree with all.


There used to be a list of all the artists whose songs I had saved to my library, with a small alphabetical scroll bar for easy navigation. This is foundational (and obviously quite necessary) to any music library since the original iTunes.  This update removed both of those features. It appears the only way to create a list of artists is to now ‘follow’ them. 


Spotify: please bring back the list of all artists whose songs we’ve saved in our libraries. The alphabetical scroll bar was helpful too.  Every time you make an update that looks better, with bigger pictures, etc., the service becomes more unnavigable and more unusable.  You are going to force me to switch from Spotify if you keep sacrificing function for form. 


-a premium, family subscriber 


It's just awful. Any way of installing previous versions of the app ?


I'm right there with you guys. I've been using Spotify for years, I love the service they provide with premium, or used to. This new update really has me frustrated, I can't find my music, the library is all messed up, and there is no way to really look through it that makes any sense. The library from the past was one of the reasons I loved Spotify so much. The artists, albums, songs, etc. all followed by what you recently listened to?? AMAZING. This new update, however, the exact opposite of amazing, the opposite of what Spotify used to be. If you want to do a big update changing one of the most fundamental and key parts of the entire app, fine. But give us a way to go back to the way it used to be, so you don't upset a huge portion of your base.


Awful  awful update. So many things gone awry, but the main thing is when you are looking to select an album it freezes for a few seconds then maybe decides to open. So fast access to a track is impossible.  I would  go to deezer tomorrow  if it wasn't  for the fact I have a family sub and it means changing too many details.  **bleep**!

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