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No button for previous song

No button for previous song

Hello, I have recently started using spotify and joined the premium squad. However, sometimes the play previous song button translates into some kind of list, which allows you to thunbs up or down the song. I don’t really like this functionality and would like to find a button to enable the standart previous, play, next buttons combination.

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Hi Aidbal and welcome to the community + Premium. I hope you're enjoying your time so far! 🙂

This feature that you've pointed out is designed for the radio and Daily Mix playlists. It's an option to quickly like/save a song - or kick it out of the mix. I'm afraid it's not an option you can toggle.
Your user created playlists will still have the function you want - as well as any other Spotify or artist created playlists that you dive into. It's just unique to the radio type listening.
Hope this helps! 🙂

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