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No meta data (song info etc) being displayed in car Range Rover Velar when connecting via Bluetooth

No meta data (song info etc) being displayed in car Range Rover Velar when connecting via Bluetooth

I have a new Range Rover Velar, which has an awesome Spotify app built in, BUT to use it you need to connect to a phone via a ubs cable.... rubbish!!

The car does link to my iPhone 7 running iOS 11.1.2 via Bluetooth. You can then select the media source as iPhone and play music from Spotify. You can control tracks forward back etc. But the track info and images etc appear on screen for an instant and then disappear. 

I have tried to uninstall Spotify and reinstall, but this doesn’t work. My iPhone 7 is running the latest update. I never had these issue running the same phone through my previous Range Rover Evoque. Land Rover are blaming Spotify, but I’m not sure. I have been through every setting option but can’t find anything to suggest why the data briefly appears on screen and then disappears.

Someone was having a similar issue with their Jaguar, which runs the same software.

Anything you can suggest to try to resolve this would be appreciated. 

Just to add salt to the wound, I downloaded Deezer just now and the track info etc from this appears nicely!!!

Spotify.... Any suggestions???

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Just to let you know, you’re not alone. New velar, love Spotify, same problem.  Only difference, I have an iPhone X with the latest iOS (11.2.1). 

Same here. iPhone X, no meta. Do you still h w the same problem, did you find a fix? Thanks!


same situation for me when connecting thru bluetooth.

the solution I found I'm going to install the support for Iphone directly so no need of cable anymore. when entering the car you put or iphone in and then it's correctly connected, but it's a workaround of course.


MY QUESTION regarding spotify in Velar.

I didn't find a way to display the list of tracks. when i click on album or playlist it starts on the frist one then to go to N20 you need to click 20 times.

Are you aware of any option to be able to display the list of tracks?

Thanks a lotf ro your help

Spotify completely crashes InControl when I try to use it, so you're better off than me.  I only use Spotify via bluetooth on my Velar, which works the same as you describe.  InControl apps is **bleep**--LandRover needs to suck it up and do deals with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.  

Same with me.  Incontrol app for Spotify never works and crashes.  No metadata with bluetooth.  Would be great if Spotify or RR could find a solution, particularly in light of the costs associated with owning.  2017 RR Sport.

Guys - any word on this? This is annoying the **bleep** out of me. Nobody seems to know if this is a Spotify problem or JLR problem. At the dealership, they have no clue about this. As much as I love Spotify I am about to switch to Apple Music, leaving me no option. 

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