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No videos. No lyrics. Why?

No videos. No lyrics. Why?






Oneplus 6T

Operating System

Android 10


My Question or Issue

After years of resisting getting a paid subscription to Spotify I finally broke down and am enjoying the benefits.  However, I am puzzled by what to me at least are serious and easily fixable issues with the service that do not seem to have been addressed over the years.  Can someone help me gain some insight into the rationale?


1. Videos

On around 25% of the songs I like I go to YouTube to watch the music video.  If Spotify does not have the rights, resources, or desire to provide music videos on their service (other than the UBER-LAME looping stuff) they should bite the bullet and just link to YouTube.  They can probably reach some revenue sharing agreement with Google and the awsomeness of their service would increase overnight.


2. Lyrics

Another puzzling omission.  Shazam does it.  SoundHound does it.  More often than not I am interested in what the artist has to say.  And let's be honest, 50% of the time mumbling is part of their style.


3. Hopelessly cluttered "Your Library" screen

All sorts of things that I didi not create, nor  asked for are shoved in there with no obvious way to remove them.  Yet the most used part of the screen (switching from Music to Podcasts) is at the top of the screen where I cannot access it with one hand operation.  


4. Funky, funky UI in the app

The above lack of attention about placing UI elements is all over the app.  Three-dot menu that allows you to do most interesting things with the currently playing track in the upper right hand corner?  On large screen phones in 2020?  While the lower right corner is occupied by pointless stuff such as turning on looping or seeing what is next in the queue?  How about switching their positions and put the rarely used stuff in the upper right corner that requires a grip shift to access?


I am also finding it distressingly easy to switch from the currently playing audio feed to the next via the swipe left/swipe right feature.  With music audio this is somewhat helpful but is extremely agravvating with podcasts.  Since Spotify views podcasts as critical to their future (with good reason) they ought to give users more control over what swiping does.


Last but not least, in the audio clip detail screen the bottom of the screen is devoid of any other controls.  This is THE most valuable real estate on the screen, as it is accessible without any grip shifts or thumb gymnastics.  Leaving it empty is just a waste of opportunity to make it easier to use the app.



1 Reply

Hi there. I am pretty sure Spotify is for listening to music online/offline and listening to music with the device turned off (for mobile and tablet users). If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can just use other apps. I however like Spotify.

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