[iOS] Playlists and albums not playing in order - random songs

[iOS] Playlists and albums not playing in order - random songs






(iPhone Xs)

Operating System

(iOS 13.5.1)


My Question or Issue

When I select a song, album or playlist, only that one track plays but then it jumps to a random song not in my library, liked songs, playlists and not in the album. It doesn't play songs one after the other but also won't shuffle songs in the same playlist or album 
This didn't used to happen, I haven't adjusted any settings. 

I can't see any options in playback settings that may affect this. 

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

2 Replies

I am having the same issue on my iphone app and my desktop. I chose a playlist, album or artist and it will only play the 1st song and then start playing other music that's not even same genre, artist, playlist or anything else. Extremely frustrating especially given the fact I pay for premium membership.


 had the same problem, then realized that there are songs in my queue added. As confirmed by Spotify support, whenever you choose a song (from playlist, album, ...) the next song is a song from the queue, no matter what is next in the playlist or album. So I have cleared the queue and now there are no "random" songs when playing albums.

Hope this helps.



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