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Not syncing local files

Not syncing local files


Every time I add a local file to a playlist, whether from my downloads or my music library, it doesn't show up on my IPhone Xr when I download said playlist. I've tried everything I've seen (although it's mostly just spotify devs repeating the same stuff) to no avail. Even deleted playlists with 100+ songs because they had a local file in them. This has been an issue for years and yet it still isn't fixed. And I'd be alright with the condescending "4 steps" if they actually worked. But seeing it pop up every time just makes me want to cancel my subscription 


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Hey @OmoD,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community.


Could you please explain in greater detail the troubleshooting steps you've tried? That way we can avoid suggesting something you've already done.


Also, can you confirm that the local files in question play without issues on your desktop? Are they in the supported formats listed here?


We'd also appreciate if you share the make, model, OS version and Spotify version on both your PC and iPhone Xr.


Keep us posted. We’ll keep an eye out for your reply.



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1. Yes the mp3 file plays on my laptop 
2. What troubleshooting steps? There aren't any available... I've downloaded and I downloaded the track in mp3 god knows how many times no. 
3. No I'm not going to waste time finding the make and model of my electronic devices because that's not the problem 

Hey @OmoD


Thanks for getting back in touch. 


Could you go to the settings of the Spotify app on your iPhone, scroll down to Local Files and make sure Desktop Sync/Local audio files is enabled? 


Another useful step in is to change the source folder of the local files on the PC. The steps are: Uninstall Spotify on both devices > create a new folder somewhere else on the PC and move the local files there > install Spotify again > remove any potential source folders and add the new one > download the playlist again.


Let us know how it goes. 

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