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iPad app is too limited, not what you would expect from a word class provider

iPad app is too limited, not what you would expect from a word class provider

I’ve been a loyal user for years now. Moved on to an shiny new ipad pro. Tested spotify ipad app and cried. This is the absolute minimum to say you have a tablet app. It’s possible to play music with it, yes. You can find music, yes. BUT UI is not even on par with web version. Can’t see my folders in the left bar, can’t rename folders, can’t move a playlist in a folder, editing a playlist is a joke - when it doesn’t crash : try to move 10 songs to the top of a 50 song playlist and tell me what you think. Opened my old laptop, 2 sec, done. It’s the first time ever I’ve been thinking about moving away to another music provider.


I’m not asking for a lot. At the very least being on par with web player for folders and left navigation bar. Ability to select more than on song to edit a playlist or drag and drop would be a much appreciated bonus.


And fix Sonos issues ! Was working fine before latest iOS update. Now, it’s barely usable. Keep shutting down the app to get control over my sonos. Airplay works slightly better but latency is too much.


If that’s of any help, I’m more than happy to take some time to show you in details the kind of experience I’m getting.



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Hey there @twingocerise,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


Keep in mind that the app vary across devices due to different factors, such as the different operating systems. We're constantly improving the app and aiming to make it more aligned across platforms but there will always be differences.


That said, we really appreciate your feedback and invite to look in our Idea Exchange for ideas like the ones you're suggesting to implement in the tablet app, or add your own with these steps. You can read more about how feedback on ideas reaches Spotify here.


Regarding the Sonos issues you're mentioning, could you give us more info about what exactly is happening? We'd also like to know the make, model and OS system of the device(s) you're using, as well as the Spotify version you're running.


We'll be looking out for your reply.

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Ok. Thanks for the answer.


Folder management idea is here :  please upvote if you bump into this thread :


I'm updating my iOS devices pretty often and it's been consistently not working well for the last 6 month so I dont believe it's related to the version. So iPhone SE 2021 + iPad Pro M1 2021 with latest updates. 2 sonos : 4 years old entry level Play:1 and slightly more recent One SL. Devices not showing or taking 1min to show up, songs not playing, getting back to app with no ability to control music and need to kill / restart app to reclaim control. Only thing I noticed, when I unplug the SL, it seems to be working slightly better but still far from how it was last year.



By the way, I can't believe I have to create an idea on your website and get people to vote just to have similar features between 2 devices for a service I pay for. Remember that few people complain and vote. Vast majority of your users are silent, which is likely what I will do for now.

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