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Offline Sync won't work

Offline Sync won't work

I've allowed spotify through  my firewall, updated frimware on both devices, and I'm connected to the same wifi network (using university wifi if it matters). I still can't get offline sync to work let alone have the songs show up in the playlists on my phone greyed out even. Any help?

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Hey @KingWizard130.


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


Just to confirm, are you're trying to sync Local Files between your devices for offline use?


If so, first, make sure that your local files on your desktop device are on a supported format:

  • mp3
  • .m4p (unless it contains video)
  • .mp4 (if QuickTime is installed on your computer)

Keep in mind that The iTunes lossless format (.M4A) is not supported.


If that doesn't do the trick, let us know if you've tried syncing your content while both of your devices are connect in a different WiFi connection. 


Alternatively, if you're not trying to sync Local Files, we'd recommend checking this support site article here instead.  


Let us know how you get on 🙂

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Yes I am trying to sync local files. I tried on another wifi network and they still won't how up, and I also made sure they were all the correct format and they're all mp3.

Hey @KingWizard130.


Thanks for getting back to us.


Perhaps something is wrong with the playlist(s) that should contain the local files. Could you try to create a new playlist on your computer and fill it with nothing but local files? Open Spotify on your mobile device (make sure it's the same WiFi network) and see if the new playlist appears and if it contains songs.


If it doesn't, could you please let us know if you are using a Mac or a PC alongside your iPhone? We'll be able to see what we can do next.


Have a nice day!

Just tried this solution and it still didn't work, offline sync doesn't show up on either the laptop or my phone, and there are no songs in the playlist when opneed on my phone. I'm on a Dell laptop uing Windows

Guys, I have even more interesting  case. I can see Playlist (created from local files) on PC and can access it and play it through Windows App.,  but not on iPhone App. 

It's more interesting because I see this Playlist (created from my own local files) on my iPhone but can't download the songs so I am not able to play it on my iPhone. It shows how many songs exist on this Playlist and it shows that it's downloading....... but it's not. What can be a reason? It's very strange.  

Any updates on what to do it's been two weeks

This doesn't work

Hey all,


Try using the following steps if you are on PC:


  1. Unplug the router from the power

  2. Delete Spotify on your computer from the Control Panel

  3. Press the Windows logo + R on your keyboard and type  %appdata% A few folders will appear. Delete the Spotify folder

  4. Go back one folder

  5. Open each folder and delete the Spotify folder (if present)

  6. Go back and open Local, here you may also delete Spotify

  7. Reboot your computer

  8. Turn off the iPhone and wait 2 minutes.

  9. Turn the iPhone back on

  10. Plug the router back into the power

  11. Make sure both your computer and mobile phone are connected to the same network

  12. Install Spotify on your computer and mobile phone

  13. Make sure your local files are in a folder on your local hard drive. So not in a cloud or secondary hard drive

  14. Check the settings of Spotify and make sure that the location with local files is selected as a source for local files

  15. Create a new playlist with local files only

  16. Open Spotify on the iPhone (or re-open if already open) and check if the newly created playlist is there, if yes, click the button to sync for Offline use

  17. Songs should be syncing for Offline use. Try not to let the screen of your iPhone dim when you are syncing the songs.

We hope these thorough steps will enable you to sync your local files.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

I have done all the instructions here one by one, but the local files that I added in my PC just does not appear in my phone, even though the newly created playlist for the local files appeared on the phone, after clicking the offline download/ sync button the songs doesn't appear.


I had this same problem where the local files would not show on my phone. I fixed it by going on settings on the phone app, playback, and unchecked the "hide unplayable songs" option. After this I was able to see the local files on my phone. However, I am still not able to actually download the file and play it on my phone.

Hey @stonedan646 and @richiee38,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! We'll happily help you sort this one out 🙂

Keep in mind that the option to import local files is only available for those from official sources. If that's the case, just to make sure that we're on the same page- you tried all the steps that @Guido and you're still unable to download your local files, right? Could you also have a look if the sync from desktop option is activated in the Spotify app on your iOS device? You can find the necessary steps for this here


If that doesn't fix things, could you let us know the model and OS of the devices you are using, as well as your Spotify version? This would be very helpful to us for identifying the root cause of the problem.

Hope you find this useful. Let us know how you get on.

Mihail Moderator
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