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Offline content not available

Offline content not available

Hi all, Yesterday in the evening, I've listened to my Offline-Albums (fully marked as green/offline). Over Night, I’ve completely switched off my iPhone6.This morning, after starting the phone, my Spotify-Account was logged off (username and PW required) and all my offline-contents are no longer available (grey/ no offline-green). 

Storage-info on iOS shows 1.7GB used for Spotify... but why can‘t I access the content?


Is any one aware of the reason? 

This happed several times, also on my former iPhones. So I don‘t think this is a cellphone-issue.

-Spotify family,

-iPhone6, iOS 12.0.1

Best regards 



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Hey @Supergrobi1909, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


I'd recommend updating both iOS to iOS 12.1 and Spotify to 8.4.77

Hope it helps 🙂

Hi and thank you so much for your support.

But unfortunately I don‘t think this may help. This is my third post regarding the same issue and I frequently update my system. But the problem appears from time to time.


Btw: I‘m absoluty angry about not having a possibility to directly contact a Spotify Service Unit...

Update Nov 8th: Now updates version and connected to Wifi. All 100 Songs that were not availavle yesterday offline were downloaded in a max. 5 seconds. This shows they have always been downloaded on my device (see attachment)  but simply were not available.


Any Idea...?

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