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Offline sync problems

Offline sync problems



In the last two weeks I've started having problems with offline sync.  In short, when I enable a playlist to be "Available Offline", nothing much happens, and the tracks don't sync 😞


There is 2.6GB free storage, which is hopefully enough (other posts I found here suggested 500MB or 1GB may be needed). 


Things I've tried, which haven't helped:


- Delete the play list


- Try syncing another playlist


- Deleting old playlists (I had 40 in my account, now down to around 30, none of which are currently sync'd)


Changing the sync quality bewteen high and extreme


- Logging out of Spotify, then back in


- Quit the Spotify app (so no longer in the iPhone task switch bar)


- Delete the Spotify app from the phone completely, then reinstall from the App Store


- Reboot the phone


- In the Spotify web portal, I've tried "Remove All Offline Devices", and also "Sign Out Everywhere".


- Changing connectivity provider - the problem occurs both on my home broadband WiFi (Virgin Media cable) and via my cellular 3G/4G provider (Vodafone UK).


If I temporarily put the phone into "airplane mode", or set he Spotify app to "offline mode", then when going back online, Spotify will sometimes sync *ONE TRACK ONLY*.  Then it stops again.  So this isn't a solution!

Note that syncing always used to work fine.  I've had Spotify Premium on the iPhone for about 2 years with no problems.  Currently using an iPhone 5s running iOS 7.1.2 (not jailbroken) with the latest Spotify app, which looks to be v2.6.0.2113.

If anyone can think of anything else I can try, I'd be most grateful.


Thanks for any clue!





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Hey @skipnote welcome to the Spotify Community!


Please be sure you're signing in with your Spotify username (not your email) if you didn't register via Facebook. 


Also, there is a limit of 3,333 offline songs and it could be that you have already reached this. Did you already perform a complete clean reinstallation and then try to sync playlists after? 

Hi - thanks for this.

Yes, I'm logging in with my Spotify username (not email address, not Facebook details), as I've done since joining Spotify Premium a couple of years ago. Live streaming is fine, the problem is just syncing for offline.

I have several times performed a complete reinstall of the Spotify app. That is, delete the app itself from the iPhone (which I understand also removes all it's data), and then reinstall Spotify from the app store. At this point there are zero songs sync'd for offline, and it still doesn't want to sync.

I have the exact same problem. Only some of the tracks in the playlists will be synced 😞 Same sync problem both with WiFi and cellular 3/4G. If i remove the playlist and add it again sometimes all tracks syncs or only a few ones (different from the time before)


Why is there a limit of 3333 songs? Spotify limit or iOS-limit? I have a ipod shuffle only for music and spotify with still a lot of room left. Its kind of frustrating i'm not using the free space... 



Spotify limit:

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Same problem here too ever since the last update.



Did you feel like shooting yourself after having gone through all the trouble 😞


My question to Spotify support is...

Why release a version which has so many darn bugs in the software and make it a painful user experience?

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