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Playlist Problems

Playlist Problems

I have the Spotify app on my iPod Touch.  A few days ago, I noticed that all of my playlists were gone from the Your Music section.  The only way I sem to be able to access them is if I'm online, and going into my profile.


I tried switching them to be available offline, but every time I do, the switch goes back to "Off" immediately.  It will not lock in the "On" position.


Plus, I thought I could try to make my playlists public, but they are locked on "Secret", and I have no idea how to change that back. 


How can I solve these problems and get my music back?  Please respond quickly, as I am losing patience.

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I know it is a huge pain, but does deleting and re-installing the app make any difference?

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No, it doesn't  i tried multiple times, with no success.  Even the albums I had saved were gone.

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