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Playlist not showing up on iPhone Spotify App...

Playlist not showing up on iPhone Spotify App...

Hi all,


I'm sure this come up before, but I don't wanna search through thousands of feeds. Anyway...


I've been a premium member for about 3 years now and I've never had this issue before.


I've created some new playlists while using my account on my computer within the past week, but they are not showing up in my iPhone spotify app. All of my other playlists are showing up, but it seems to be the playlists aren't refreshing for some reason. I do see the new playlist I created under "recently played", but that's the only spot I see it.


Can anyone help? I've been searching for this same issue online and in here, but can never find a situation exactly like this and none of the solutions I've read about and tried have worked such as re-booting, re-installing, etc.



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Hey Billyblew. Sorry about your issue. Ive experienced the same thing before. If you plug your phone into the computer while spotify is open, it should sync your playlists to your mobile spotify. Ive used that as a work around for the same issue. Another thing to try: Go to settings in your spotify app>playback> turn on "Offline Mode", wait a couple mins and turn it off. I would also go into Streaming Quality and make sure that "Sync over Cellular" is turned on. I know you have uninstalled it and reinstalled the app. But I would just check with the app store to make sure the app is up to date. Hope this helps. 

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