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Playlists I follow don't show up on my public profile

Playlists I follow don't show up on my public profile


I've had this problem for over a year now. I can follow playlists fine and they show up in the 'playlists' tab, but they don't show up on my public profile, so friends can't see my followed playlists. However, playlists I create show up fine.

I've deleted and reinstalled, but it doesn't work. It happens on both my iPod and iPad, running iOS 9 and 10 respectively, so I'm thinking it's a server bug rather than an app bug?

Please help me as it's a small, but irritating nonetheless, thorn in the backside.

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Hey! In Spotify, just like playlists you create, the ones you follow also have a public/private setting. Unfortunately, this feature is limited on mobile. Do you have access to a computer?

Oh I didn't realise that! Do you know how I can change the settings back?

Do you know how you did it? I want to follow playlists, but want them to be private, so only my playlists show up on my public profile. I've been searing for the answer for 3 days and you're the only person who's managed to hide followed playlists (even if by accident/ glitch).

Hey @littleforestowl,

Thanks for reaching out! We'll happily help you sort this one out 🙂

You can make any playlist secret, even the ones you follow. This way they won't show up in your profile when other users bring it up in the app, You can learn how to do this here. There you can also learn how to change the default setting for playlists you create or follow. Note that you need a desktop device to do this.


You can also view your own profile in the app to see how it's displayed for other users. 

Hope this is helpful but don't hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions!

Have an awesome day!

Mihail Moderator
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