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Playlists: first song is played, then random unknown numbers

Playlists: first song is played, then random unknown numbers

Premium version 




(iPhone 6+ and iPhone X)

Operating System

(On 6+: iOS 12.4)


My Question or Issue

When I use Shuffle or tap one of the songs in one of my playlists, Spotify will play only the first song from my playlist and after that it chooses randomly unknown songs. It happens to me on my iPhone 6+ and to my son on his iPhone X. We are using the same account. 

It seems to have started after an update.

I’ve already logged out and in again, reinstalled Spotify and rebooted my device. This doesn’t help. 


Because of this, I’m not using Spotify at the moment, as I can’t listen to my own music anymore. 🤬🤬🤬

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Hey @Ertje1959, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Could you try using Sing Out Everywhere and Remove Offline devices options, probably resetting your password too,  from your Spotify account?


Let me know how that goes 🙂

Hi Loxer,

Thanks for your effort.
I’ve reset my password and logged out everywhere from the browser, but unfortunately that didn’t help.
Any other things I can try?



Does anyone else has the same problem or has a suggestion how to solve this?


With kind regards,

Rene de Vries 

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