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Premium trial ended?


Premium trial ended?

Hi, It says "Premium trial ended." at the top of the screen on my iPad despite the fact I am now a premium subscriber? Odd?
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Having the same problem, got a valid premium account but receiving the trial ended message on iPod Touch for about a week.


Most of the time I still have the full service regardless, but a couple of times it's randomly refused to play in offline mode and refused to work again until I connect to the internet. Tried logging out and back in but it's had no effect, still getting the message and intermittant trouble in offline mode. Everything working fine on Android app, just iOS with the problem.

Al860 – The fact that you're being cut off of your desktop when you stream using your iPad leads me to believe you don’t have two accounts.


According to our records that 48 hour trial ended today, but you haven’t successfully upgraded to Premium via PayPal yet. Please make sure your PayPal country settings are sorted and try again via your subscription page


Kantri – It sounds like you're simply receiving this trial message error too. However, you've also created a duplicate account on our system.


It was this duplicate that was upgraded instead of your original account. We can fix that easily. I've sent you an email so please keep a look out. 


Kath_118 - Your Premium subscription is also healthy and active. 


Can you let me know exactly what kind of iPod Touch you're using? As well as the app version?

Hi Meredith,


Are you able to check if I have a duplicate account at all.


I dont think I do but would hate to have added premium subscription to the wrong account. I usually log in using Facebook.



@meahtenoha wrote:

Kath_118 - Your Premium subscription is also healthy and active. 


Can you let me know exactly what kind of iPod Touch you're using? As well as the app version?



The latest version of iPod touch (5th Gen?) 32GB with ~7GB of free space running iOS 5.1.1, and the app version says with written in smaller grey letters underneath that. The app store tells me it's up to date. 

I downloaded the spotify app on my iPhone first without purchasing spotify, then went on my MAC to purchase spotify premium. My iPhone app still says I am under a 30 day trial period.

samueldunn - I can't see a duplicate account on our system. Are you receiving Premium when you log in with your Facebook email/ password?


Kath_118 - Yep it looks like everything is up to date. Are you still receiving your Premium service despite this trial message? 


As far as the offline mode issue, please try changing your Spotify password right here. Shut down the app on your iPhone and then log in with your new details. Let us know how that works for you. 


kk1319 - I can confirm that you're also on a Premium subscription and not the 30 day trial. Still, I understand this message is annoying and we're looking into fixing this ASAP. 


In the meantime, please let us know if you experience any interruptions to your Premium subscription. 





Hi everyone I have purchased a premium account but it is still showing I am using a trial version. I have tried to contact spotify but no joy and I am going away and need my music. Could someone please help.

Thanks guys

Hi Devan - I've just moved your post to this more relevant thread.


We're busy looking into why some of you are getting this trial message. For now I can confirm you're on an active Premium subscription.  


Hi, I have the same issue in iPhone 4 running 5.x latest iOS and iPad 3rd gen running 5.x latest version and latest version of spotify app 0.5.3. When I open the app the message "Spotify Premium trial ended." is shown at the top of the screen. I have a Premium subscription and music still streams and downloads for offline access OK. Mine is an Australian account. When is this going to get resolved? Can you reset my account or is there someway I can reset the app to see if that fixes it. Let me know if you want me to test anything to help get this resolved. Thanks Nick

weblocust - Generally we believe this to be a cosmetic error. I had a look at your account and your second payment appears to have been made now, and this should have got rid of this message. Does it still appear?
Airhorn Enthusiast

Hi David,


Thanks for the reply. Yes the trial expired message has disappeared from both the iphone and ipad. I guess the second payment reset something and cleared the issue.


Thanks for the hel



Marked as solution

For those of you still experiencing the issue, a fix should be out sometime in the near future.  Watch this space for updates. 

The fix should be out. Please come back to us if thats not the case. 

Hi there.


I've just begun receiving this message tonight - I've been paying for 2 months now.


Could you look into it for me?

I also started seeing this banner across my iOS devices.

After I've upgraded to the new Spotify app, a pop up saying I have a 48 hrs trail. Once I got into the app, there is a banner on top saying "Spofity Premium trail ended."

@ideletejunk @_wli


I can see that you both have Premium according to our admin system. The notification should be a vanity issue.  Let me know if you have any problems streaming on your mobile or downloading offline playlists.  


I'll go ahead and report that folks are still getting this. Thanks for letting us know. 

same problem at my end. my subscription runs until 07/2013. ipodt3g shows Premium Trial Ended. I can not use offline mode, which obviously with an ipod is the idea of paying premium.


ruined the one (1) day of summer vacation I could afford.




Android will not work either. Tried the workaround posted. Does not fix the issue.


My account says that Im not a Premium user anymore.. But you have drawn money from my account 5/8. Just a few days ago.

What has happen ?

Have sent you mail but now answer..

Please help me ASAP..


🙂  Karin Alfredsson

@opty I can see you recently purchased Premium for 12 months. Have you tried logging out and logging back in yet? 

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