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Problem exporting BBC Playlist to spotify

Problem exporting BBC Playlist to spotify

Hi, I'm having trouble exporting my BBC Playlist to my spotify account. Can anyone help please?
Thanks, Ben
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Hi @Ben_Cull12 and welcome to the community 🙂


What do you mean by export it to your Spotify account? What exactly is going wrong?



Hi Liam, thanks for your help. The BBC broadcasts over a number of radio stations, and they have developed a device that they call a 'Playlister'. This allows you to save a one minute sample of the song or piece of music that you hear and like online to your own personal playlist. To hear the track in full I need to export the playlist (I have hundreds of tracks on my playlist) to my Spotify account. When I try to do this the response I get is a sort of buffering icon on my iPad screen which says 'Searching Spotify' and when I log in to my Spotify account there is no sign of the playlist.
I hope you can shed some light on this for me.
Thanks a lot,

Hi Ben,

Did you get a result, please?

I have the same problem and it is driving me nuts!



Hi Mandi, no, after many many attempts I gave up. Hope you get on better and please let me know if you find a way in!All the best,Ben

Hi Ben,

Just received this from the Spotify team, you can try it. I can't now as my husband is

in hospital,  I'm not to good at this stuff - you try and then tell me if it works!!


Forgot to give you the info - stress!

Hi Amanda!

Thanks for getting back in touch and clearing things up. Hope you're doing well! 🙂 

Now, we've tried to reproduce the error you are getting from our end, and it looks like we've found a solution. 

Based on the error you are receiving (which we see from the screenshots you've kindly sent us) we see that you are trying to listen to the playlist on the Spotify Web Player and that's why it's not letting you follow the playlist properly, as there is an issue with the Web Player in this case. 

What you can do is copy the link or the URL of the playlist BBC Playlister from the Web Player and paste it onto the Search box in the actual Spotify App (remember you can download it here if you don't already have it installed in your computer). 

There, it will open up the playlist and you should be able to follow it and then listen to it in your car. 

Please let us know how it goes! If you have any questions or need help with anything else, we're just a few clicks away. 

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