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Problem on iPhone 5

Problem on iPhone 5



I updated my spotify to version 2.1.0 on the 8th Dec on my iphone 5 (I am on version iOS 8.1.2).

Since i updated when I try to open the app it pops up in a black screen and then shuts off.

It does this no matter how many times i try to open the app.

There is no error message or anything like that.


Never had an issue before this update to 2.1.0 (2.0.0 worked fine)




3 Replies

Hello and welcome to the community! 🙂


im really sorry for your problem. have you already tried to reinstall the application? 

Please tell me if this doesn't work afterwards.


good luck!

Kind regards,

Max aka. Amarro

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Im not a Spotify Employee.

Hello  @tmack, welcome to the community!

Have you tried a clean install? You can follow the instructions here to do that 🙂

Hope this helped 🙂

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Whats a Spotify Rock Star?

Hi there and welcome to the Spotify Community.

Possibly version 2.2.0 which is launched 2 hours ago will fix this problem. If not, please try to reinstall the application as already mentioned here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Kind regards,

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