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Problem with syncing with my iPhone

Problem with syncing with my iPhone

Hey, I have a really annoying problem... I wanna sync my iPhone to my computer, because I just made a new playlist with mp3 files, so I can get the music on my iPhone 5. But my iPhone doesn't show up under "Devices" like this guide says!/article/Sync-your-device-with-Spotify 


Anyone know what I should do? 

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Have you tried temporarily disabling any firewalls (including Windows Firewall)? 



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Yes, I tried that, and it's still not working... I have tried anything, turning my computer and iPhone off, turned them on again, logged out and in, tried connecting my iPhone via a USB cable, but it won't show up... I don't know if I just should wait, or what to do... 🙂 

A couple more ideas to try, some obvious and I apologise in advance:


  • Make sure spotify isn't in offline mode and that your iphone is connected to the wireless network
  • Check that UPnP is enabled on your router
  • Restart the router then your iphone

Tried that too... It's just weird it doesn't show up.. I've tried everything... 

Have you also disabled any antivirus, anti anything and other security programmes on your PC temporarily?

Yes... I'm gonna try on another computer, and see if that works... 🙂 

Still not working... But I guess it's something with my computer, but thanks for the help anyway 🙂 

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