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Quick way to launch main menu?

Quick way to launch main menu?

Is there a quick way to launch the main dropdown menu w/ search, playlists, radio, etc if you are several artists deep?  Meaning, I typically like to discover artists via 'related artists' which means I could be several artists deep into the rabbit hole if I keep clicking around w/o having done an actual search.    It seems like the only way to actualy get back to the main dropdown menu is to hit the back button on the upper left and reverse through each artist until I get back to the first one.    Would be great to have an always-on quick launch button for the main menu unless I just am totally missing how to do this, which is quite possible.   Thanks!



3 Replies

I thought this too - but just realised if you click the arrow, you go back a step, but if you swipe it, it reveals the menu. 

Mind blown!!! Thank you for sharing that.   Do you know if that is new for 1.0 or if older versions did it as well?  Can't believe I never thought to swipe if that was the case.


I've no idea. I was as frustrated as you and so i was just messing around and found it. seems you don't need to swipe the arrow, anywhere on the bar will do.

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