Really hard to add an album or song to new playlist in folder

Really hard to add an album or song to new playlist in folder

Since Spotify doesn't have a unified queue synced between devices I use a "later" folder to add albums and songs to playlists that I want to come back and listen to later. I mostly use this for albums.

It's really easy to create an album playlist. Click the album's ellipses, add to playlist, click the plus, accept the playlist title. When you drill down into a folder, though, the plus sign disappears. You have to click edit, plus sign, and fill in a playlist name manually.

I am fairly certain this was an oversight.
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When i want to save a record as a playlist Spotify suggest that the playlistname will be the same as the artist - recordname. But if i want to do the same thing, but saving a record as a playlist in a folder i dont get a namesuggestion. So to get around this i have to save it to the root of my foldersystem and then move it. Would be happy if this would get sorted out.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @jb_bryant Ah I see what you're saying--I can replicate this on my end as well. 


The best place for this feedback would be our Ideas Board. As that Idea/ feature gains Kudos we can keep you updated on changes to the ability to add album playlists to folders. 

Hi @Denim44demon Just moved your post over to this thread as you've made similar comments about adding playlists to folders. 


The best place to show support for this would be in the Ideas Board. Once and idea is made please add your kudos/ comments so we can keep track of those in one place. 

This is not an idea. It's an inconsistency. As far as I'm concerned this is a bug.

Hey @jb_bryant - I'm gathering more info on this as we speak. If I get any updates I'll post here first.

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