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Recently Played list is taking me to artists' page, not saved songs

Recently Played list is taking me to artists' page, not saved songs

So the recently played list is my go-to when heading on to Spotify. Usually, when I go on to it and click on an artist, instead of taking me to all the saved/downloaded music I have of that artist it sends me to the artists' page instead. It is very frustrating as I then have to go and search the artist and click on my saved songs where I should be able to do it, like I normally would, via the recently played list.




United Kingdom


iPhone 7s

Operating System

iOS 11


My Question or Issue

When clicking on an artist on my recently played list, it takes me to the artists page, instead of showing my saved/downloaded songs by that artist, as it usually would and should do. 

7 Replies

I’m having the same issue and contacted Spotify on twitter seems it’s part of their new update. Which is really unfortunate since it makes using their app very tedious. The recently played feature is just completely pointless now 😕 

Same here. @spotifycares has confirmed this is an intended change. I'm baffled at the logic here.

Bend over and take it, this is how it works apparently. Spotify is nothing better than Facebook.

Really stupid change that makes the user experience WORSE. Spotify tinkers too much with their app, often going backwards in the process. I'm considering switching to Apple Music. 

Completely agree. This update doesn't make any sense. The app wasn't broken, it was in fact easy to use and fun, now however, it's tedious, pointless and very frustrating. 

I cannot believe this was intended! Very frustrating and kinda dangerous when you're driving. Extra steps you shouldn't have to take. Additionally, if you're listening and then go back to your library page (with the list of playlists, stations, recently played, etc.), all is lost again. You cannot simply get back to your saved list of the artist's songs. You have to start over and when you click on your list of artists it starts back at A. wth? This is SO DUMB. CHANGE THIS SPOTIFY!

I've been wondering how long it was going to take other people to speak up and complain about this pointless and frustrating change. I hated the change immediately.


I used the Recently Played list pretty much exclusively. I loved how when you would play an artist or a specific album, it used to actually keep track of them separately. If a new album dropped and I wanted to listen to it again, it was right there. Or if I was enjoying a specific band recently, it gave instant access to all their songs. Now, I get to dig through the THOUSANDS of songs I have saved in my library OR sift through the artist page to find one song I JUST PLAYED.


It was also nice for when you listened to an artist radio. Often I would find new songs that are similar to my music tastes, and as I listen I would like and download that song. You know... the entire point of the Artist Radio and the Like and Save functions. Now, if I can't remember that specific artist, album, or the songs name I have to sit and scour through my library to find that one new song. Sometimes when listening to something like EDM, the artists / albums / song names can be confusing as heck, due to the dozens of different versions of the song, artist collaborations and/or remixes and such. Which is what made the Recenly Played that much more valuable. 


I cannot for the life of me understand this change. It makes no sense. It worked perfectly before. Now I get so annoyed when using the app. It's actually made me question switching services. At least give us the option of choosing how the recently played functions. Just add an setting that toggles between directing us to our local library or the spotify artist page. Forcing one or the other is just terrible design. 


If this update went live yesterday ( April Fools Day )  I would have surely thought it was done in jest...if only that were true. 

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