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Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 0.7.5

Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 0.7.5

Hi folks.


What's new in this version (0.7.5):

  •  Fixes crash when starting app or logging in.

Important to note

  • iOS 7 just became available, so please be sure to mention your iOS version if you report an issue or have questions
  • Also, when reporting issues, always mention what version of the Spotify app you're using
  • Apple now supports users whose devices run older versions of iOS, and thus can't update their apps to the latest version.
    Engadget has a good article about what it is and how it works.
    Basically, regardless of your iOS device and version, you can go to Apple's app store and press "update." The app store will then automatically detect the latest, compatible version of that specific app, for your specific device.
  • If you're having issues using your car stereo with Spotify, please come here and provide us more information
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I am having an issue on Spotify v 0.7.5 with my headphone buttons. The pause/play and volume increase/decrease buttons do not work all. I just downloaded ios 7, and tried to see it was that, but my headphone buttons worked with youtube and other apps. Looking for an update! Thanks in advance

I have updated to iOS 7 now I can't download any of my play lists to offline mode
I have version I uninstalled and tried downloading again still nothing any help please

With 7.5 (iOS 6 & iOS 7), I still can't see non-facebook friends in the Friends screen (was also a problem with 7.4)

Please Spotify, 


update your app so it fits iOS7's new style. And please update the icon while you're at it. I really don't like the icon you've introduced last time and it sure doesn't look better on iOS7. The icon's background is way too dark and grungy. You have a great icon on your mac desktop app (or at the top left of this website), please use it! 


Don't wait too long before releasing a new layout for iOS7, some of your competitors already did it. And people will change if they have a better experience elsewhere! 

Using version with the new iOS 7 update, and I'm having two issues.

One is that Spotify is no longer compatible with my car stereo. It doesn't even recognize the device, and might play about 5 seconds of music before shutting off.

The second is that it now randomly loses connection over 4G or LTE connection. I have to logout and log back in to reset. Turning my phone off, or even a hard reset to the phone doesn't stop the condition.


I second this.


For example, Rdio's streaming app is absolutely beautiful and blends in perfectly with iOS 7. The irony of it all though is that Rdio refreshed its interface literally months before iOS 7 was even announced. I'm a very visual person, so using a music app that's aestetically pleasing is very important to me. Unfortuantley, Spotify looks very dated and uninspired. 

i got the same problem!!!!

Thanks for your feedback everyone.


If you're having issues using your car stereo with Spotify, please come here and provide us more information

Community Ergo Sum

I am unable to open Spotify (version 0.7.5) on my iphone.  I have an iphone 4.  I have deleted and reinstalled the app several times and all I get is a white screen with a black bar at the top.

Spotify works quite well on iOS 7 but one thing that needs to be addressed is that the controls from the control center (pause, forward and back a track) don't function. You can pause from the Apple headphones which is a good workaround but moving forward back and forward from the lock screen is a pain.

Hello everyone. We just released a new version of Spotify for iOS. Please go here for more information.

Community Ergo Sum

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