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Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 0.9.1

Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 0.9.1

iOS Release Notes
What's new in version 0.9.1
  • New: Browse is now on iPad as well as iPhone (replacing What’s New). Find a playlist for everything. Music to eat tacos to, anyone?
  • New: Follow friends and artists to see their playlists and releases (soon available to all iPhone users).
  • New: The secret/public toggle for playlists is now on iPhone as well as iPad.
  • Improved: Smarter, more responsive searching (soon available to all iPhone users).
  • Improved: A simpler, more streamlined sign up and login for iPhone and iPad.
  • Improved: A shiny new look for playlists (soon available to all iPhone users).
  • Fixed: A pesky bug when sharing to Twitter/email/SMS from iPhone.
  • Fictitious: This app will increase your good karma.

#iOS #0.9.1 #ReleaseNotes
Important to note
  • When reporting issues, always mention what version of the Spotify app you're using
Community Ergo Sum
38 Replies

So, since just an hour ago the latest Spotify version for iPhone (I got a 4) crashes on startup.


I see the logo. Then the loading animation and then a sudden crash. Spotify is still open as an app, but when I click it from the app switching menu, the app crashes again after trying to load.


I installed the latest version a while ago. Can't remember when. Must have been a week. What's going on and how can I resolve this problem?


Oh, full search started working right nox on my iphone 5! Now I have instant search and the search results show playlists as well. Finally!

Have you closed the app? As in, when you're on the home screen, double click the home button to show recent apps, then long press on the spotify icon until it starts doing the little shake dance thing and now click the red icon that appeared. Then try to start spotify again, is it working?

Hi Daniol71,


Yeah. I tried it multiple times. I use iOS7.0.4 btw. So the menu is a bit different, but the idea is still the same.

All I can think of then is uninstall and reinstall. As long as you don't have too many offline songs it shouldn't be too much of a pain. Try to reboot your iPhone before though, just to make sure it's not some little bug.


I'm using iOS 6.1.5 since I only have an iPod Touch 4th gen, so I can't help you that much when it comes to the OS. My biggest problem with this release is that they removed offline search. Before I could search for tracks when offline, now you need to be online to do it and as everybody knows there's no WiFi network that covers the entire planet (and the Touch doesn't offer data) so I'm quite angry actually. I've sent an email to support telling them to update the app or offer a rollback to a previous version.

I wouldn't accept this as a good solution, but reinstalling the app on the iPhone worked for me.

It is a pain to sync all my playlists again, especially since I do have a lot of offline songs, but so be it. Now I don't have to make up my mind about cancelling my subscription to the Premium features.


Daniol71, thank you for the suggestion.

Glad I could help 😄 Yes, you're right this is not a proper solution, you shouldn't have to reinstall the app after an update. And syncing everything again is a pain. I really hope Spotify fixes their s**t in the next update.

Hellmourn schrieb:
With 0.9.1, the song meta-data is incorrectly being sent to my cars head unit. It shows only the 1st song it plays in spotify and does not change when song changes or even a playlist change. The previous spotify version had no issues with meta-data being sent.


Same for me on my "Kenwood Bluetooth-Receiver KDC-BT73DAB".

Before the update, song and artis was shown on the car hifi's display.

Now it only shows "track 1" all the time, but it plays all songs.


Already updated the hifi system to the latest firmware, but same problem.


I'm using Bluetooth to stream the music to the car system.


When will I be able to crossfade between local files? Not having that option aggravates me to the ends of the universe over nine thousand times over.

Can we please just have offline search back? I just spent 20 minutes filtering through all of my playlists to find one specific song -.- Before it took 30 seconds just typing it in search WHILE OFFLINE. I don't get why the iPod Touch is being completely ignored. We can't be connected constantly like an iPhone.

Please let me view and edit my now playing queue. I actually just switched back from a competing service (Rdio) because the queue functionality sucks and now I see that Spotify has its own issues in this area (which, if I'm not mistaken, didn't exist in the past). Please add this. Seeems like an easy/obvious addition.

Some users do apparently have the queue functionality you're describing. It's been rolling out to users since early July.
What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

I still want crossfade enabled for local files.

It's weird how the spotify apps on android and iOS are so different. For example, this queue function you're describing has been available on spotify in android for almost a year, but it's never really made it's way to iOS 😛

I'm almost certain the functionality used to be on iOS, too. They just arbitrarily removed it, added it back for certian people, sent an update in a changelog months ago noting that it had been added while also adding a note that said "Coming soon" or something, confusing everybody in the process.

I don't get the point of removing features. They removed offline search and replaced it with a "better" search. Great success. I emailed spotify about it and they basically said that they didn't care. Also, am I the only one who's surprised we still don't have any proper way to look through our downloaded artists, tracks and albums? Spotify is supposed to be a music player first of all right? I have about 3000 offline songs spread out over 100 playlists and searching for specific tracks on my ipod touch when I'm offline is driving me nuts. I'm seriously considering moving to another service, but I really don't want to. I have spent to much time and money on spotify already.

Still no EQ, the most requested feature in the Idea section and still not a single kick about this.

Key to a succesful company is listen to your customers and B implementing what you get as feedback

Yeah exactly, but guess what? Spotify on android has had EQ for a really long time now. It's like the teams developing the app on Android and iOS aren't communicating with each other. Almost EVERY other app has the same features and functionality on iOS and Android.

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