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Remove Devices from "Connect to a Device"

Remove Devices from "Connect to a Device"

In my house, I have three Echos, a Roku, a couple of FireTVs, a couple desktops, a laptop, iPads, and iPhones.


When I want to use the "Connect to a Device" so I can use my iPhone to play music on my Living Room Echo, depending on what devices are powered on, I see this list:

  • Living Room Echo
  • Living Room Roku
  • Bathroom Echo
  • Garage Echo
  • FireTV 1 Gen 2
  • FireTV 2 Bedroom
  • Decker12's Windows 10
  • Wife iPad
  • Everywhere
  • Kid's Windows 10
  • Decker12's Laptop
  • Kid's Echo Alarm Clock

All me and my wife want to see is:

  • Living Room Echo
  • Bathroom Echo
  • Garage Echo

There will never be a time that I want to connect to my kid's desktop with my iPhone to make my music come out of her desktop's speakers. I do however want to turn on my "FireTV 2 Bedroom" and listen to Spotify out of the TV speakers (by using the FireTV app and the FireTV remote, not by telling my iPhone to connect to it). I just don't even want it to show up in the list of possible things to connect to.

How do I fix Spotify so it only shows me the above 3 things?


I do not want to log out of Spotify on those other devices, because my kid and the Bedroom still want to play Spotify. In essence, I just want those other devices to "stop broadcasting that they're able to receive a connection from someone's iPhone".


I see no option in any of those clients to disable this broadcast feature. What's the solution?

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Hey @decker12,


Thanks for posting your question in the Community!

Currently there isn't a way to remove or hide Connect devices from the list of Connect devices. There was an idea for this in the Idea Exchange here, however it has since become inactive.


You're welcome to submit a new idea for this in the Idea Exchange - there's a quick guide for this here. Once you've created the idea, feel free to post it here so that other users can find it more easily.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Looks like I'll have to configure my router to black hole traffic from those devices on certain ports then.


What ports does this broadcast feature communicate on?

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