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Scrobbling from iphone app not working

Scrobbling from iphone app not working

My credentials are linked to my spotify account, but scrobbles only appear from the desktop app. Tracks played on the mobile app do not scrobble. I've been having this problem for years now on various generations of the iphone and spotify app. None of the fixes in any of the other threads have ever worked for me. I've logged out and logged back in, disconnected and reconnected my credentials from both the mobile and desktop app, and deleted and reinstalled the mobile app. My account is up to date, my email is verified. My iOS and spotify app are currently up-to-date, and I have a 6s. Other people have been having this issue as eary as 2012 based on posts in these forums. Please fix it - or start offering data on personal listening history within spotify - because I can't use to accurately track my listening without scrobbling from my phone.

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I am having this issue too. Desktop works great. iPhone doesn't work! I've tried reinstalling, changing my password, and all other suggestions... still not fixed! 😞

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