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Searchability of Library

Searchability of Library

Device: iPhone X



For a few weeks (don't know the exact update) it's no longer possible to search for specific titles within my library nor shuffle the complete library.


Is this wanted and if so why? Really liked having the option to directly search for songtitles.





3 Replies

Hey @Bustynator, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

You can search in Your library by swipping down there to reveal the search bar.


Also, learn more about the changes to Your Library here.


Thanks 🙂

Hey @Loxer,


thanks for your quick response.

I know that the searchbar is revealed by swipping down.


Problem is I can only search withing my Library for added Artists or Albums. The ability to search for Titles is no longer given. Neither via Artist nor Album List.


Playing my complete library is also no longer possible.


Have these Features been removed or is there a problem with my installation?



think I've found my mistake. You have moved the title section into the list "favourite songs" at least this is where all are added.


that solves it for Me. 😊

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