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Serious alarm clock bugg!

Serious alarm clock bugg!

So if you listen on Spotify for too long so it pauses. For example when you fall asleep. The pause button will be bugged like it's playing but it isn't see image: And the alarm clock will go off in the set time. But with zero sound. It will just show the snooze and stop button. So the main issue is that the phone won't even vibrate or make a sound.
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Currently I’m in touch with them through Twitter and they’ve asked me to do some troubleshooting so far with no luck last night I had to reinstall spotifty and my poor 65GB offline music has to be redownloaded so I’m really hoping something is done soon, haven’t determine if the bug is gone yet

Also getting a callback from Apple later today where I’ll be discussing this issue with them to see what they have to say about it 

Spotify can't do anything about it. It's on Apples end.

@nkarlshoej: I don't think the issue you described exactly matches my experience or my use case.


It could be that both problems are related but from what I see there must also be an issue within Spotify itself as with e.g. Apple Music I can't replicate the issue. I don't use video apps in this context but purely audio/music apps.

But it's probably worthwhile if Spotify gets in touch with Apple to work on the issue anyways...


I can confirm that the bug also happens with Apple Music.

I could get a 3 month free trial on Apple Music, so I signed up for it, and could quite easily replicate the play/pause glicth, so that the alarm would bug out, and not play any alarm sound.

As I said - probably not exactly the same bug. I don‘t have that behavior. I only experience the issue with Spotify Connect but not when listening to music/audiobooks over Bluetooth. Over bluetooth everything works fine.

Man I overslept, this thing will make me really angry. 

Is there a thread on Apple page that we can use to draw attention to it? 

happend today, missed flight.

Switched to google play it hasn't happened
It may happen
But it rarely happens.
Spotify? Every freaking time almost

Every time I go to bed I check if**bleep** runs in the background. 


I made the switch from Deezer now I'm questioning my choice. It appears only plus side is widespread of Spotify playlists. Music suggestions/discovery sucks balls. 

This issue is still occurring to me all the time but the only work around I have found so far is to use the sleep timer which guarantees to pause the music properly with iOS and it 99% of the time rings the alarm now! It’s still such a stupid issue and I also find that when I pause music and go to press play it’ll play for one second and then pause again so there is definitely still media playback issues within iOS 13.5 (latest stable build on my iPhone 7 Plus) 

I have this problem too. Can’t believe they still haven’t fix it yet.


Hey all,


Glad to have you on the Community! We understand you're having trouble with the alarm going off silently after listening to Spotify. 


We've taken some time to check with our developers the details you shared with us in this thread. We really understand your frustration on this matter, but we have to let you know that we were unable to reproduce this issue from our end.


If you are still having issues, please provide the following information and we'll pass it on to the right folks to look into this further:

  • Exact Spotify version 
  • Device details (build/model/OS)
  • Troubleshooting steps you tried so far
  • Exact steps to reproduce (include screen recordings or screenshots if possible)
  • Does this only happen if you play music through Connect?
  • Is the behavior always the same?
  • Can you recreate it with ease, or is it random?

We're eager to get this sorted, so we'll be looking forward to your replies.

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Problem still has not been resolved... have had iPhone alarm issues for years and I’m glad to know what the cause is but I’m shocked it’s gone on for this long without Spotify trying to resolve such an important issue. 

Hey @1261409458,

Thanks for looking for the answer to your issues with the alarm here.


Our tech team is currently looking at this and investigating what might be causing this behavior. To that end it would really help us out a lot if you provide the details that @Xenia asked about above. We couldn't reproduce the issue at out end, so the more info we gather on instances where this is actually happening, the easier it'll be for the developers to find a fix.


We'll be keeping an eye out for your reply.

Mihail Moderator
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Hey there,

the bug is also occurring on my iPhone 7 Plus 

Spotify Version:

iOS 14 (Build 18A373)
Troubleshooting Steps Tried:

I have tried reinstalling Spotify app, using a different Spotify account, putting the phone on silent mode or full, turning the snooze function off in the alarm that I wish to turn on, I have tried using the device on flight mode whilst waiting for the alarm to go off, I can confirm that the issue is with Spotify as when the app is deleted the issue does not occur, it does not occur whilst using the Apple Music app either. Is it maybe to do with how Spotify sends data to the lockscreen now playing widget?


Spotify needs to be playing for a long time, eventually what happens is the media controls on the lockscreen show that Spotify is paused  and the song progress is at the beginning when it is still clearly playing music. As soon as you pause and restart the music it updates the lockscreen widget again exactly to where the current song was playing. But if you are leaving the music playing all night (for example if you fell asleep) then eventually this issue occurs and the alarm assumes the music is paused and starts to ring, but instead of playing the alarm it shows on the screen silently with no vibrations either.


Replicate the Issue: Leave Spotify streaming with the screen off for a lengthy period (at least 2 hours) and set an alarm for at least 3 hours away. Make sure the alarm has a ringtone set and then just let the device play music with the screen off for a long time.


I don’t use Spotify connect so it doesn’t just happen with Spotify connect

The behaviour is always the same once the music is streaming for a lengthy period.


I can recreate it but it does happen on a somewhat random basis. Sometimes it’s several time’s in a row and then not for another few attempts.





Hey @mihail

I just posted a reply to your questions 🙂 

Thank you so much for the detailed info @EwanH!


We've just passed it on to the right team here and we'll keep you in the loop.


Hopefully we'll have some news soon!


Keep an eye out here for updates.

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