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Sharing a song in Spotify with non-Facebook users

Sharing a song in Spotify with non-Facebook users

Hello! I haven't found this answer on the web so I think this might be a new suggestion. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

I'm on the iOS mobile app, and I can't seem to share a song with my friends that have a Spotify account but not a Facebook. (I can do this on the desktop version just fine, but not the mobile.) I don't mean emailing or texting them, I mean that I can't send them a song directly in Spotify to their Spotify inbox. When I go to Share and then Spotify People, none of my friends' usernames show up. I theorize that this is because they don't have Facebook accounts.

Will someone at Spotify make sending Spotify users over mobile possible? Or maybe just to people who follow you? ...maybe you could separate people/artists you "follow" from your friends and create an exclusive "friends" list?

Thank you for your help and consideration!
--Katherine (RockingRoyalty)

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This is the same for android app as well. I agree with Felix about the commercial strategy theory to get people linking their accounts to Facebook to make their Facebook friends see Spotify more often and end up subscribed.I guess Spotify should make it's commercials away from subscribers' ease of use.

I like this idea a lot. It's rather annoying to have to go back and forth just to send a playlist to a friend.

Spotify should allow non-Facebook users to allow this feature.


Shannon 😄

Shannon 😄

This functionnality is missing and it's pretty annoying because the iPhone app let you think it's possible to share a song with an user.

Is this functionnality planned to be developped?


(btw, is there a way to know what are the upcoming improvement to be released in the next versions of Spotify? (both desktoip soft and mobile app?)


Best regards,




I'd kill to have this feature on mobile.  I have Premium and there's dozens of times where I'd like to just send a song to another subscriber's Inbox through mobile, but neither of us use Facebook.


Why is this missing?

Unnacceptable. Over 2 years now and not even an official acknowledgement of the problem. This is why people are going to Rdio. 

I'd love this feature too, any update?

Spotify, please get this feature in the iPhone app in soon.


My boyfriend and I both have premium accounts and it's ridiculous that even with our continued patronage, we're finding old threads like these where the problem is still not resolved after dozens of other users ask for the fix (this of course doesn't count all of those who search these threads, read that no fix has been made, and don't post).


People shouldn't be forced to use Facebook to get around this feature. I love the product, but having no resolution to this over one-year thread is bad customer service when the demand isn't outlandish in the slightest.

totally agree with all the comments here.  i should be allowed to share music with my friends on spotify premium without facebook.  


Same here. Premium user. It is unacceptable and just gets me angry to pay $120/yr and still have facebook shoved down my throat at every corner when I clearly don't WANT to run all my private life through it. I am already PAYING and still get force fed. This is why people leave eventually. The sharing functions in Spotify are just plain useless. Each time I try it takes me 20 min just to realize it can't be done or the users I want to connect to just can't be found.

I have the same issue. Seems like it's been happening for a while. Please fix this. I'm not always by my desk top when I'd like to share songs with another user who isn't connected via Facebook. Please fix ASAP.

This also goes for the Desktop!

It does not even find the non Facebook frieds - even if you are following them.



This takes out quite a bit of the social experiance I'm having with Spotify.
The last update didn't help at all with that!

Agree with all the sentiments on here. 


We pay for a premium service but aren't getting the full functionality of the app. Not really fair, and penalising those who don't want to link or signup to facebook.


Not really fair is it??


I'm using Spotify premium and i have same problem.

When i want to share a song with one of my friends who i'm following him and is a non-Facebook user, i can't share the song by entering his username and all people who are shown to me, are the friends in my Facebook account which i've synced with my spotify account. I use Android 4.4.2 and spotify version which is the latest update that has been released yet. Even my friend has the same problem. He uses iPhone 6 and the latest update of spotify. Strongly request for fixing the problem. Please contact me to see have you even looked my message or not.

Thank you

Yeah, this is pretty ridiculous. Would be very easy to implement. Forcing people to use facebook is so 2012. Get over it and put your user first instead of corporate interests, Spotify. You should've learnt by now that that is how you really get succesful in a community-driven app; making a product with your users in mind, not using cheap tricks to lock people into a network that they might not want to be a part of. I bet some of you at Spotify feel ashamed of that decision. Well, you should. Now do something about it. Never too late to make it up with us 😉

I thought this was a bug I had on my app. Now I see that it's just not possible. Unbelievable. I don't have Facebook so, I'm screwed. Please change this.

This sharing with non facebook friends wasn't working for me, but now it is after I found the user and followed them. Not sure if that is what is needed.  Either way, it took a restart and an update to get it to work. Very odd. 



I dont know where to write this, so i will try here. Even though I have on the "share what you are listening to on facebook" button, 

nothing of what I play shows on facebook. It stopped for about a month ago to show what I listening to. I have pressed on and off this button 

several times, but it doesnt show..

This is still not working on mobile.  I'm able to send music directly to friends who are not using Facebook on the Desktop app no problem by typing in their username, but when I'm on mobile, even typing their full username into the Send To… dialogue doesn't allow me to send to them.  Clearly Spotify's back end is capable of sending to non-Facebook users, so it can't be that hard to fix on the mobile front end! 


Also, there should really be a way for non-FB users to provide their real name so they can show up in my friends list like everyone else, but that's a separate issue. 

Hi Spotify,


I use the desktop version for Mac OS. I was able to share content to non-FB user before, however this is not possible now. I would like to ask you to add this functionality back.

Thank you,


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