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Sharing a song in Spotify with non-Facebook users

Sharing a song in Spotify with non-Facebook users

Hello! I haven't found this answer on the web so I think this might be a new suggestion. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

I'm on the iOS mobile app, and I can't seem to share a song with my friends that have a Spotify account but not a Facebook. (I can do this on the desktop version just fine, but not the mobile.) I don't mean emailing or texting them, I mean that I can't send them a song directly in Spotify to their Spotify inbox. When I go to Share and then Spotify People, none of my friends' usernames show up. I theorize that this is because they don't have Facebook accounts.

Will someone at Spotify make sending Spotify users over mobile possible? Or maybe just to people who follow you? ...maybe you could separate people/artists you "follow" from your friends and create an exclusive "friends" list?

Thank you for your help and consideration!
--Katherine (RockingRoyalty)

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Hi, it's been a very long time since this was marked as "new idea". When will the problem be fixed?

Thank you

I'm finding this really irritating too. Until recently it worked on the Linux version, and now it doesn't seem to work on Windows or Linux or iOS.

I really love Spotify and dislike Facebook, and there are people who I'd like to share music to who feel the same.

I have a Facebook connected account (though I login with my email) and I still can't seem to share my songs or playlists with Facebook connected users. I've heard sharing with users who aren't reciprocally following each other has been disabled. Is this true?


Thanks in advance.


 I use to be able to send music to non facebook people.   Now I can't its really very sad. 

Yes Spotify. The app generally keeps improving so why did you remove support for this feature? Please restore it asap. It should be part of the premium service we pay for!

Honestly, this is ridiculous. Why only have specific features on the version of the app that is not used as much?

For that matter, friend navigating is pretty awful across the board on mobile.

I agree, if I leave Spotify, and I've actually left them for other apps for a whilie, experimenting around, but I will leave permanent, if this is not fixed. I agree that it will be the primary reason I leave. In fact, the ONLY reason I leave, with no regret, because sharing songs with my partner is a big part of why I listen to songs in the first place. Sheesh. Spotify, get real. 

I tried on the very latest beta as of today, and still nothing. 

I have premium and so does my friend and we can't even share songs with each other LOL

Seriously, still nothing?!

I've had this problem since September, and it's December now...

As a professional music producer, it's vital for me to be able to
communicate with list owners on Spotify. Over the last couple years I have
sent messages back and forth with them, and they want me to send them more
music, but since we're not friends on Facebook, it's impossible to reach
out to them anymore...


When Spotify came, it was all about sharing music. Like a social service
where the music connects people.


I've been a customer from the very start (I'm from Sweden), but I'm
seriously considering changing to another streming service.


Maybe you should stop ignoring your PAYING customers and fix these
problems you obviously know about.

Hey everyone. Previously this was listed in the Idea Exchange but it is actually an issue with the Share feature. 


We have passed this on to the teams internally and we'll let you know if we get an update. Thanks for reporting this here in the Community.

yes - I am sitting next to my friend - and he wants me to send him the track we are listening to.

However I can't - as I don't have Facebook 😞

I can find / follow him; just not "SHARE" with him 😞

Help please !

I can't share with members of my own family account but I can find/follow them. It seems counterintuitive that I can't send music to someone on my family account that I pay for? Is there a solution in the works for this.

As a user migrating over from Rdio, I can't believe this is actually an issue, but it is. Facebook integration is completely unneccesary and its a bad platform to use as your foundation.


Just make simple sharing easy for all users. You shouldn't have to separate users into different groups (FB & non-FB). It's like a lowly class warfare going on where FB users are the bourgeoisie and the rest of us are the proletariat...

Hello Meredith,
what's the current status on this?
Thanks in advance for an update.

Hi there, It's a bit frustrating for me too, pay for a premium, had collected a lot of new spotify users but i can't share quite nothing music with them !!! Have no sense this, we are in the 2016 and you are a great company behind a very good Idea...why we do boring with this very basic need of sharing music with someone else.

  • I use it on Ipad and Win10 and sharing function's doesn't work with both for other than FB friends.
  • If I try to ins a spotify users name I know but is not my friend, is not recognaized by spotify. (no digit possible)
  • If I luckelly get a friend name and not from FB, after sending play, it start in an infinite sending loop last, never stop.= no sending 🙂

Why my friend....???

I'm completely with you on this!!

What is the status of this feature?

I'm still looking for non facebook social integration.







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