Sharing without Facebook


Sharing without Facebook

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Hi Spotify Community,

I need some help. I've been a Spotify user for years now, but I do not use Facebook. I play music primarily from my iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), but I've noticed that I can't share songs with my friends on Spotify unless I send it via email or SMS, i.e. the built-in share feature in the app itself, to share music with other users, does not work. When I search for my followers, no names show up.

On that note, I feel like Spotify users who don't use Facebook get the short end of the stick. I don't know if it's just a pervasive bug, but when my friends who use Spotify through their Facebook account search for me, they can't find me. They have to enter "user:Spotify:[myusername]" in the search bar to find me, and even then only from a desktop Spotify app. (They can't perform the search on their phones.) Any idea why this is? Why couldn't they just search my username from any device to find me?

Any advice you all might have would be great. Thanks for your help.
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Hey @orangetwelve and welcome to the community!


First, of course it's possible to share music without facebook/mail/sms. To find people, you need to type in spotify:user:username (I'm not sure if you have tried exactly this phrase because you wrote "user:Spotify:[username]" - small letters, the right order of the words and no brackets should be used). Also I think you need to follow them back to be able to share music with them. 

Re: Sharing without Facebook

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Thanks Karina,


Yes, I always get those confused. You're right, it's "spotify:user:[username]". (I use brackets to denote information that is user-specific.)


Regardles, I'm unable to send anything to any friends I follow from my iPad or iPhone, and again, they're unable to find me unless they're searching from a computer and using the above phrase.


I suppose what I'm asking is: why can't people just search for my username and find me? From any device, not just a computer? (Some of my friends don't have computers - they use Spotify exclusively from their phone.) And why, when on a mobile device, am I unable to send things to my friends?