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Shuffle and Repeat not working


Shuffle and Repeat not working

I am pretty sure it's an iOS 11 problem as well. But, I hope Spotify has a fix on this.


I always play songs on shuffle and repeat. I have a playlist on Spotify that has a huge list of songs, more than 500 songs.


I updated my iPhone to iOS 11. And, I am having problems playing Spotify from my phone in my 2015 Mazda6. Every time I connect my phone to the car's Bluetooth, the shuffle and the repeat feature turns off, and when I turn it back on, it's still won't work. i kept repeating the process of turning back the shuffle and repeat on, and it turns off by itself.


I really hope they have a solution for this. 

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This is not an iPhone or iOS issue it is Spotify, after their last update it caused the glitch. Spotify needs to fix it cause this issue is happening on windows and android as well.

Specifically in Mazda vehicles with the bluetooth connection for Android as well? I haven't tested that myself, I don't have an android handset. Can you confirm?




Today i tested my phone in my wife's car, (Mazda CX5 2015, with MZD Connect System).. and it works fine...  I've tested in My car (Mazda 6 2013, with the previous Operating system) and it didn't worked...


As i See... when i connect my phone in my wife's car, the system reads and understand the options (Shuffle, repeat, etc).. and I can control it from the car or from the phone..

But in my car, with the old operating system, it doesn't recognize the controls, and I CAN'T operate from the car... the buttons appears, but in gray colour, so i can't press it.


why?... I don't know... 


Please the people let me know which operating system do u have in your mazda cars.



Spotify please fix the app so if no shuffle signal comes from car, do not disable shuffle.

Same issue here. 2015 Mazda 6 with an iPhone 7+ running iOS 11.0.2.


Doesn't happen with my Android phone running Oreo, for what it's worth. 

I have the same problem - Mazda 6 2013 😞

I hope Spotify / Apple will fix it fast !!

The same problem with Apple Music in all new Mazda cars before MZD Connect System. I have Mazda 6 2013

I don't know what operating system I have but, I have a 2015 CX-5 like your wife and mine isn't working.


Is there a simple way to see what operating system I have?

Partial solution..... working... so far.

while playing in your Mazda on spotify (stuck on non shuffle) select this iPhone (sound comes now from your iPhone but still non shuffle)

Push power (right button on Mazda CX-5)

On Spotify select shuffle (now it is green)

now select Mazda again

push power button 

Now it will play on shuffle mode (hopefully)

do the same process every time shuffle doesn’t work (sadly not a permanent fix)

My Mazda cx 5 won’t even play Spotify through BT now.  It will play a second or two of the song I choose and then it instantly just switches back to the Apple Music app.  If I completely close Apple Music I can get Spotify to play but there is no song information, no shuffle, and I can’t control the songs with my car, just my phone.  Anyone else having this problem?  It started after the IOS 11 update 

I edited my post, please let me know if it worked for you

The solution is easier than that... ive tested it and it works


step 1: Connect your phone like always... and try to make shuffle work since your phone... probably when you change the song, the green light will dissapeared


step 2: change the option in the screen of the car and press FM option.. u will hear the normal radio


step 3: in your phone, press the shuffle option and when u change the song since the phone. the green light still being green.. so it works until now..


step 4: in the screen of the car, press again bluetooth option..  and now... when u change the song should work!!!


It works for me..

please let me know if it works for you





I will try your way, much easier, last ride I shortened the process this way:

Change from Mazda to iPhone on spotify 

Press power

Shuffle spotify from iphone

press bluetooth on mazda



Same problem 

iPhone 7 Plus , Mazda 6 

I have a Mazda CX-5 and iPhone 7 and my shuffle button turns off every time it connects to my Mazda. This is very annoying.! I use Spotify almost every hour of the day and I drive so much.! 

I'm having the exact same issue.  Work arounds are not effective and it hasn't improved despite several app updates.  Spotify, please fix this!

iOS 11.1 update did not fix this issue either.  What the **bleep** Spotify??

I have a 2014 Mazda 6 and I started having this issue as well after updating to iOS 11

Add me into the same boat. After IOS 11 upgrade have the same exact behavior in my Mazda 6!

I have the same issue. 2013 Mazdaspeed 3. Shuffle worked fine until iOS 11 update. Now if I have the green shuffle selected while connected to Bluetooth it turns off when the next track plays. If I disconnect from the mazda shuffle works fine

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