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Shuffle play all playlists on mobile

Shuffle play all playlists on mobile





(iPhone 7)

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(iOS 13.5.1)


I have many different playlists in a Playlist Folder. Some playlists are ones that I've made and some are ones that I subscribe to and get updated weekly (ie, NPR New Music Friday). 


On the desktop app I can select the Playlist folder and hit play and it will random shuffle through all of my available playlists in that folder. But, on mobile, I can only select a single playlist and play that. 


I would like to have the functionality of playing from the Playlist folder on my mobile device. This has been a long requested feature and was available at one time before, but removed.


FWIW: I created my Spotify account July 30, 2011 - that's almost 9 years of loyalty and monthly payments, surely you value your customers enough to listen to feedback.


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Hello @kentonvannatten

Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!

If you're interested in seeing this feature back, make sure to add your +VOTE on this idea. You can also subscribe to it via the three dots menu, so you'll be notified when there are any updates regarding that idea. 


More details on how the Idea Exchange part of the Community works, and how your feedback reaches Spotify, can be found in this article series


I hope you'll find this info useful!

Thanks for responding. 

I saw that post. I made a new post because the original is from March 2017 and the last action on it was Sept 2019 when Spotify decided to make it a "not right now" request. That's been almost a year now. So, it seems that Spotify isn't really interested in making it a priority. I along with nearly 2800 other users believe that it should be a priority and those are just the ones who have bothered to look into the issue and communicate to you. There are possibly 1000's more that are just dealing with the current limitations and not saying anything. 


The link to the Idea Exchange article says: "if an idea is marked "Not Right Now", it doesn't mean we aren't listening (or that it won’t still some day be implemented) it’s because of many factors that determine what we can implement."


But, being able to shuffle play across all playlists on mobile was already an existing feature that was removed in 2017. So, as you can imagine, it is hard for us (the users) to understand how/why it can't be implemented again. You had it working before, so it's not like a new feature request that has to researched and coded. You were doing it before and you took it away. We're just saying put it back. 



Hi @kentonvannatten


Thanks for the response!


I understand why bringing back this feature could be useful. 

Unfortunately, I don't have any details on why Spotify decided to remove it. 


If you have any feedback regarding this, I suggest leaving it in a comment in the idea thread, if you haven't already. This is the place where they collect it all, and it helps to review the idea as well. 


Have a great day! 

Hi there. There is, at this point, still a massive wish for this function. Spotify would do better to explain what the real reason is to remove this feature, rather than lie to its users.

like so many i want this back too 

Beating this long-dead horse:  On my Pixel 5, running the latest Android and Spotify, this feature appears to work as long as I initiate play using Spotify Connect from a device that supports the feature in the UI.  That suggests all that is required to make the feature work natively on the phone is a UI change on the phone.  That does not seem too much to ask.  Come on, Spotify, do the right thing.

2023  and this feature is still not there.  It is a huge inconvenience when listening on mobile.  Spotify, please listen to us!!

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