Shuffle resets when you switch devices mid-stream

Shuffle resets when you switch devices mid-stream


Wasn't exactly sure where to post this, since it affects ALL devices. I currently use iMac, iPhone, and Sonos. When I'm playing a playlist in Shuffle mode and switch from my iMac to another device mid-stream, the shuffle order resets and it starts playing songs I've already heard. WHY does it do this? Why doesn't it finish the existing playlist order?


To be clear: I'm NOT shutting down the app and opening it up on a new device and restarting the playlist. I'm simply switching devices (speakers) within the app to listen in another room or location. 


UPDATE: Spotify Cares on Twitter says "This is expected behavior for shuffle play. We can see how that’d be handy." Seriously? Why would anyone want a playlist to restart when they switch devices in the middle of playing it?

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Ah complete bs from Spotify, I'm used to this. My shuffle on the TV when started on my phone will result in a shuffle of around 100 songs as opposed to the 3000 odd I have saved. 


Still true in 2022. Have a playlist with 100+ songs, but when switching to listening on another device - will get the same songs I've just heard on previous device minutes ago. 

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