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Shuffling problem




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I can’t find the shuffle button. It was always there and I enjoy shuffling my playlists so it doesn’t play the same songs in the exact same order every time but now I cannot find it. Was it taken out? (It looks like this for all playlists.)80A2CB11-D34B-49AA-9908-F11E1CAB8080.pngB95C5DC8-B133-425F-AE5D-86ED99E6C9D8.png

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Hey there @12345678928,


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We recommend reinstalling the app by following the steps in this article, as some users report that the clean reinstall solved this issue. 


In case the clean reinstall doesn't do the trick keep in mind you can add your +VOTE to this topic so you can stay up to date with any updates on it. We're currently aware of the issue, however we don't have an exact timeframe for a fix.


Hope this helps. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to reach out again.


Have a great day!  

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