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Songs Stop After 2 hours

Songs Stop After 2 hours

Hello! 🙂


I have a pretty big offline playlist, about 115 songs. If I leave my iphone playing the list it stops after about 2 hours so it never gets reaches the end. Usually this wouldn't be a problem but I've created the playlist for a Birthday party and just want to leave it running.


Is this a known problem, if so, is there a fix?


Many Thanks



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Hey there! when is your phone set to turn off for battery and screen?

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If you mean Auto Lock, its set to 5 minutes... I'm not aware of any other settings on my iPhone, am I missing something?

2 hours??  I can't get 10 minutes....


Pertaining your issue, that seems like it shouldn't happen given what you’ve described (I've tried on my end and it works perfectly fine), I guess your music cache is corrupted, kindly do a clean reinstallation following the steps below:

Click into your Spotify App -> Logout from Spotify (Spotify app Settings -> Logout) -> [If you are on premium and have songs that are on available offline, click here: and remove all devices -> Go to iPhone Settings, General, Usage and Delete the app -> Go to App Store and download the Spotify app again.

Also clear off Safari’s Cache under iPhone/iPad Settings > Safari and Clear all of the caches.

Also, if possible, kindly reboot your device in full.
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I've observed the same thing controlling my receiver from my ethernet-connected PC. Two hours and then further stops every 10 minutes.

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