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Your Music different on computer and device

Your Music different on computer and device

How do you get the artists and their saved albums done on your laptop/desktop computer match the ones on your iPhone device and vice versa? I prefer saving an artists albums on my laptop but nothing I've followed or saved except playlist songs seemed to show up on my iPhone device. It just may not be possible but I haven't seen anything anywhere explaining a solution. Otherwise, its alot of work to re-save all the same music again.

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Hi @delaluna1967 , I've moved your post from the Ideas Exchange to the Help - iOS board, as your request sounds like a bug: Your Music should match up identically on all your devices. Someone in this forum will able to assist you in troubleshooting this error, however, I can get you started: try logging out of all your devices and logging back in. If Your Music still doesn't match up, try doing a clean reinstallation (on each device) by following the steps outlined here.

Ive tried both methods and it doesn't seem to change anything. I've recently gotten an iphone 6 and I can't tell that anything has changed.

Having the exact same issue, I have a number of 'saved' tracks on my iPhone that aren't on my desktop under My Music.

Have tried logging out of all devices and logging in again yet these tracks still don't appear...


Any solutions yet, thanks.

Still waiting for someone to come up with a solution, mostly I've saved everything on my desktop, because it's easier to click on but it doesn't seem to update the iphone app version, and sometimes on the desktop version, stuff I saved acts like I never saved it at all and I have to go back and save it again, sometimes twice. It's kind of frustrating to have to resave everything on both versions. It plays my playlist ok.

Same issue here. Getting totally sick of it to the point where Spotify is about to get dumped.  Just too many bugs for it to be worthwhile. I've spent the last week saving hundreds of albums due to another major fail in local files. Hardly any still appear and some appear on one device but not others.  This is beyond think they have the cheek to charge for this.

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