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Songs ending early when cast to TV

Songs ending early when cast to TV


Iphone 13 pro max



My Question or Issue

When using the spotify LG TV app accessing our spotify account off a IPhone 13 Promax the last 5-10 seconds of the playing song is cut off and the next song begins. It happens regardless of the playlist or song, and happens for every song. The problem does not persist using the iphone Bluetoothed, cast, or through the phone itself, only in combination with the TV. Using a Samsung S21 linked to the TV there is no problem. We have already tried to remedy the problem by adjusting "gapless" "crossfade" and "automix" audio options.

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TV: [LG] webOS TV UJ6300

 TV software version: 06.10.30

Spotify TV app: version 2023.09.11_8-335910e H 4.36.1

iPhone: iPhone 13 Pro Max (MLF83LL/A)

iOS Version: 16.4.1

Spotify phone app: version 8.8.72


Tried every conceivable solution to include re-installing and checking for updates.

Happens while playing the music directly on the TV. App allready reinstalled, didn't help.



webOS: 5.4.3-36

Spotify TV App: Version 2023.09.11_8-335910e H 4.36.1

In the past week Spotify starting cutting off the ends of the Songs - the last 5-20 seconds (I'm not sure exactly).  It is extremely annoying!


I have been using the App on the LG Television for 6 years without issues.


The App has no Settings - so there is nothing I adjust.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the App.


There has not been recent Updates of the App or the TV itself.


I have searched online but can't find any possible solutions.


Please Help!


This happening randomly with playing in TV. If I lasten the same list on phone it works fine.

My TV is LG and there is Spotify applcatiion. If i connect my phone and play songs in TV, they stops ramdomly. I have updated latest version to TV... 

It doesn't seem to be related with iOS, the common factor here seems to be LG TV. It's happening to me too, on a UN7300, playing directly from the Spotify app for LG SmartTV.

It doesn't happen when playing on a computer or smartphone.

Adding to the list of people this is happening to. TV is an LGNANO866, and has just updated the Spotify software (however the app wasn't used for a while so unsure how new this update is). Not casting from a device, playing straight from the TV app. All songs end a few seconds early and goes to the next song. It tends to be where you would expect the cross-fade to kick in, if enabled. 

Hey folks,

Thanks for keeping us in the loop and for all of the helpful info you've shared so far. 

We understand you've tried a lot of troubleshooting steps, but just so we can have a more detailed description of the situation and report it if necessary, confirm if you've already tried all these steps from our Support page, and these from the LG Support page. Additionally, if you haven't, try a soft reset on the TV, by pressing and holding the Power button for about 10 seconds. 

On another note, one of you already sent a video where we can roughly see what's happening. Could you possibly send a video of the issue so we can take a better look at the situation? You can attach it in your next reply in mp4 format, or you can also upload it to YouTube or Google Drive and make it public, so we can visualize it.

We'll be here!

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This is also happening to me when using Chromecast to listen to Spotify on a Sceptre TV.

In my case, the issue happens during playback directly from the LG TV Spotify App. I tried all the mentioned steps, except factory reset - issue still happens.
I don't know what else you want to see, the only incorrect behavior can be seen in the video already posted. Otherwise there are nothing abnormal during playback. Nevertheless, i made some new videos.

It looks like the cut occurs if the preview popp-up for the next song appears.

I'm seeing the same behavior on my LG OLED65C7P - somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds before the end of the song it gets cut off and the next one starts playing. This happens only when I'm running the Spotify app on the TV. I've only noticed the behavior when I've been controlling it from the Spotify app running on my laptop, but I don't often control it directly from the TV so not sure if that's part of it.


Here are some specifics I've noticed:

  • The displayed song end time changes on the TV while the song is being played. For example, a song will start off showing a length of "2:26", but at some point during play it will change to "2:20" and the song will end at 2:20 (which is 6 seconds early, and the music is cut off.) On a couple of occasions I've seen the end time change in the app on my laptop after it's changed on the TV, but that's uncommon.
  • The song length always seems to round down to the nearest 10 seconds, so the song is cut off by the last digit of its length. I have seen a song with length 3:36 rounded down to 3:30, 2:26 down to 2:20, 2:52 to 2:50 (barely noticeable), 2:57 to 2:50, etc. This explains why people are seeing "5-10" seconds of reduction - losing a couple of seconds (e.g. rounding down from 3:02 to 3:00) is probably not noticed by anyone, but losing 10 seconds is obvious.
  • Songs whose lengths end in 8 or 9 (e.g. 2:28, 4:29) will generally not be affected, as if their 'round to 10' behavior is rounding up rather than down. Rounding down (and ending early) happens for songs whose lengths end in 1-7

So I'm gonna guess there's some kind of clock-rounding issue on the LG TV?

Of course the minute I post I start seeing songs ending in 8 or 9 getting rounded down. So I guess it's rounding song lengths down most of the time, but maybe if the song is "almost" a multiple of 10 seconds it sometimes rounds up.







My Question or Issue

Spotify works fine on my iphone with crossfade enabled. But on my LG OLED CX TV, the songs cut off at the end. The settings in the TV app are limited, only "power saver" and "about" Very annoying. Any advise? TIA


This is happening to me too, only when I use the LG TV app. It's cutting off up to 10 seconds off each song which is really annoying. Works fine on my phone and laptop.  

Chiming in with the exact same issue as reported by other folks in the thread. Only started happening ~week or so ago after working flawlessly for years.


Tried all troubleshooting steps, and it hasn't helped.

Only happens on my LG TV.


See the attached video.

I am also getting this issue, towards the end of the song the length of the song gets rounded down to the nearest 10 seconds and therefore cuts off the end of the song!


If I push the rewind button to start the song again then the length of the song stays at the rounded down amount. 

I have been experiencing this issue as well on my Sky Q box.  Up until recently, it was working perfectly.  However cuts off on random songs early.   So seems to be wider spread to other TV apps outside of just LG.

Can confirm this is not only happening on LG TVs, I am casting to a JBL cast-enabled speaker (cast, not Spotify connect, which is far worse).

Last 5 or so seconds are being cut. It feels like a buffering issue, where it buffers ahead and cuts the song at the point where it "finished" buffering, as if it doesn't do it with downloaded songs.

Also happening on my LGTV, running WebOS version 05.30.40. Happens when casting or using app directly, it cuts around 8 seconds of each song

Just adding my voice to those experiencing the same issue

Having the same issue, I have a Motorola phone and an Xfinity tv

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