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Songs not downloading on 6s Plus! Help!

Songs not downloading on 6s Plus! Help!

Hey everyone. I just bought a 6s Plus today and loaded my Spotify account onto it. I went to my songs and hit the available offline option. I've made sure that this is the 3rd and final device I can assign this option to. Then it says waiting to download and I had left it for an hour like that with wifi connected and working and not even a single song downloaded. I tried uninstalling and installing and still doesn't fix it.
What's going on???
FYI yes I am a premium user.
Help please asap !!
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Hello GPB, welcome to the Community. It's time for me to put my detective hat on so I can solve this mystery for you once and for all. On iOS 9, Apple have automatically enabled a setting called "Wi-Fi Assist". Simply put, if you have a weak wifi signal, it sneakily switches you on to cellular data to give your connection a boost. Spotify is waiting for a wi-fi connection so it can download your music without using up all of your cellular data.


You can find instructions on how to disable the sneaky Wi-Fi Assist function here: and you can check your data usage by going to Settings on your iOS device and hitting "Cellular" or "Mobile Data". After this, boot up the Spotify app and see if your jam starts to download. If it doesn't, go to and check whether re-installing the Spotify app accidentally made Spotify think you're using lots of devices offline. Remove whichever entries say "iPhone" there and then try to download your music offline again.


If this STILL doesn't work, uninstall the Spotify app, remove the offline device from your Spotify account, restart your iPhone and reinstall the app. This will do a clean reinstall on the handset. This means Spotify and your new 6S Plus start on a new leaf and they should now work in harmony!


If this still doesn't work, please reply to this thread and I'll get my detective hat on again as I try to help you fix this further. I'll do my best to get back in touch as soon as I can. For now, however, try the solutions I gave and fingers crossed offline listening works for you again! While you're waiting to get your jam stuck on your iPhone, check out the other forums here on the Spotify Community. You can have an off-topic chinwag, a music chat, vote in polls and even help others with their tech support if you're feeling techy. There's so much to do and it's waiting for you! Good luck and please keep me updated if this works. Take care, mate.

Starting out but ready to make a difference 🙂

Thank you sir for your reply, time and effort.

Eventually after Friday the 13th of November, the music started downloading... Which seemed pretty weird to me haha. But anyways I'm just glad it did start downloading and finished.

However we do have a slight problem still. My album art disappears if I'm listening to my songs that I have saved offline without a wifi or cellular connection. It just shows the musical note instrument as the album art when I have no connection. When I am connected to the Internet, the appropriate album art is displayed. Why is this happening??? I have a very bad OCD with my album art having to be shown whenever I check what song is playing and it's killing me now hahaha.

Any solutions for this one??

Not a problem, mate. I guess Friday the 13th can be lucky for some! With regards to your offline album art - it's a known issue and Spotify are looking in to it. For now, it's a game of waiting - sorry! I would advise turning Wi-Fi Assist off anyway so you don't go over your cellular plan limit. :-) Have a great week ahead.
Starting out but ready to make a difference 🙂

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