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Songs unavailable but still shown in playlist - IPhone App

Songs unavailable but still shown in playlist - IPhone App



I have a strange issue with Spotify on my new IPhone 4S


My previous phone was damaged and so had to be replaced I have a playlist with 817 songs on.  However, there are now only 699 of those available once I have restored spotify to my new phone


I am assuming this is probably due to various record labels forcing Spotify to remove their songs


However, these unavailable songs still show up in my playlist even though the option for hiding unavailable songs is ON 


Has anyone ever encountered this or does anyone know a workaround?


Its really annoying because if an unavailable song is hit spotify just stops


I dont really want to have to go through the whole playlist looking for these unavailable songs



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Is it possible they are local files synced to your previous device from the desktop Spotify? 

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Im not sure


When I opened the spotify app on the new phone, I had to enter my login details and it resynced all of the songs, i.e. it didnt appear as though the songs had been backed up/restored


The backup folder on my pc was also smaller than I would have expected if the Spotify songs had been saved as well





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