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Sorry. This radio station cannot be started.


Sorry. This radio station cannot be started.

Sorry. This radio station cannot be started. Please try with something else.


I am getting this error on ios 6. The station plays in the mac app. What's the problem?

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Logged off and back on and closed out the app on all other devices, same issue.  I've also never had an app crash as much on both my mac and iphone 5.   Shame... great service, but useless without a good app to support it.  I'll have to go over to lower quality rdio or back to pandora if the issues persist.

@daves808hi - Is it just radio you are having issues with? If so what station? Also, what version of iOS and Spotify are you using?

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I have gotten this error for a playlist, a band, and a song.  Not sure why I am not able to start radios.  Help please?

Sorry. This radio station cannot be started.  


Having this probelm repeatedly witht he Billy Bragg radio show.  I had previously listened to episode 1 but now I get this error message



same issue, mac os something or other i dunno and dunno where to look to find out, it’s an ‘air’ retina thingumbob, playlist of my best of 2014 so far, well known artists: Quilt, Pure X, Dum Dum Girls, MØ, Little Dragon, St. Vincent, Painted Palms, Moderat, Bibio, Banks, iamamiwhoami, whomadewho… Fix please. Now. Thank you. Love.

Same annoying error message... I can't open the "Classic Rock" radio station. I closed the app, even restarted my cell. Nothing works. What's up with that?

After reading through the posts, I am a little surprised by the timeframes of these posts. I have had Spotify for years, and have never experienced this problem. Unfortunately, now I am, and I am having this problem on my Mac. Actually I just checked my iPhone, and I am having the same problem there. I did try solution of signing out of both individualy, but I have not attempted to signed out both simultaneously. I would appreciate any solution, and I thank you for any help you can provide.

Yes. I still have this annoying problem. Please tell me what the solution is. My PC runs on Windows 10.

Yes I am still having this problem. In fact it won't let me create any radio from a playlist anymore

Was there a fix for this? It is happenening to my Discover Weekly radio. Has been for the last two weeksish. I have closed out and tried logging out and back on. Still the same error.


Hello i can open station radio dj d3mon please help

Hi, I am trying to get a radio station for a new artist and all I get is the 'sorry this station cannot be started, please try another'.
Can you please help me to resolve this so that I can create a new radio station for this artist?
Thank you!

Still having the issue. I can't do much of anything on Spotify except listen to my Starred Playlist these days.


I am trying to get a radio station for a new artist and I keep getting "This radio station cannot be started" ICould you please help me solve this?. And this Artist used to have "related artist", now the list is gone, the same the radio station. Thank you! 

I am having the same error message and have logged out and back in. 

This problem still persists even after loggin out and back in. Not sure what the solution was for this issue if there was one. It's only happening to my discover weekly radio playlist which is odd...

I have 3 music projects with one album each. The two newest are getting this error but the  third which is an older album then the other two but was added recently is not. 

After I followed it I was able to go to "artist radio". What is the issue with the other two?

Having this problem on my acount now. Tried relogging to no avail.

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