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Spotable (Spotify for iPad)

Spotable (Spotify for iPad)

First off I am not the dev of this app. Only part of the large group of frustrated Spotify subscribers who are unsatisfied with using the iPhone version of the official Spotify app on the iPad. 

What once used to be Tablified is now Spotable and it's available in the app store for free now.

Grab it here

While it's nice it's not perfect. For free and no other alternatives? I will take it.

7 Replies

Love is app to, had it when it was Tablified, and in its guise. Spotable, the dev's got a lot of plans by the sound of their websit and blog. Great app, unbelievable that it's free really.

Spotable is very good. Really what I expected but did not get from official app.

Hi folks, is anyone having problems with this spotable app? Seems to freeze on log in and when restarted, displays a grey screen with a faint logo and no options at all. I'm using ipad2 with most recent iOS, I'm a premium member and I've made sure that I logged out of Spotify on my other device (iPhone 4) before trying to log in. Any ideas gratefully accepted! Thanks

No problems here. Working great.


It's a shame that the bunch of devs that work at Spotify are not able to code something like this...


Denzirali: Sometimes I get the gray screen with the logo but it is my net's fault and it takes up to a minute to respond. If I try connecting to another network, it works immediattely.

I'm having the same problem. I'm having a 16gb wi-fi only ipad2.

Awesome! Been waiting this for ages. Ions! Really only a few years, but in technology time; ages.


Thank you.

I can't make it past the login screen either 😞  Newest iPad, 16gb wifi and most recent iOS version.

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