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Spotfiy Fails to connect with Google Chromecast Audio

Spotfiy Fails to connect with Google Chromecast Audio

My wife & I are both Spotify premium subscribers. We both have iphones and all of the software is up to date (iOS, Spotify app, Google Chromecast app).

We recently bought a Google Chromecast Audio. Seemed a great way to bring my old Hi-fi into the digital era.

Anyway, it would be, if it worked. Most of the time it does not:

1. you start a song

2. Select the song playing at the bottom showing text "DEVICES AVAILABLE"

3. When the song playing fills the screen, select "DEVICES AVAILABLE"

4. Select Chromecast Audio

6. A "Beep" sounds on the Hi-Fi

7. Nothing. It says "connecting" but nothing happens and then it goes back to "DEVICES AVAILABLE"

8. Meantime, no other music can be selected.

9. Repeat 1 - 7 ad nauseum until you feel like throwing the phone off the wall, nothing happoens on either of our phones.


BUT here is teh thing: go to TuneIn Radio & it works perfectly every single time.


I already exchanged one Chromecast Audio thinking it was the problem. But on 2 iphones & an ipad, same problem and only with Spotify. Please fix ASAP as this is exactly the kind of capability that would keep my wife & I subscribing.


4 Replies

I have the exact same problem. Opened up a post about a week ago, but no response from anyone yet  😞

Still nothing from Spotify....

Same here! It worked before but now it fails to work from both ios and Android devices. Very frustrating. Not happy with my chromecast purchase...

Any news about this issue? I have two Chromecast audios, running the same firmware and having the same settings (I've checked numerous times). One of them is working perfectly the other one never comes past the "connecting" phase in Spotify. If I cast from another app it works just fine. Also if I cast spotify in Chrome from a Mac or PC there's no problem. Very frustrating since the whole idea was to cast from spotify on IOS to my Chromecast receivers...


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