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Spotify Connect stops streaming when opening IOS app

Spotify Connect stops streaming when opening IOS app

Hi, this issue is related to having an Amazon Echo Dot on your network connected to the same Spotify account as you are using on your iphone.




Open Spotify App, start playing on your iPhone, switch to Spotify Connect supported device (not the Amazon Echo). Streaming starts and plays without issues.


When you open the Spotify app once again it somehow changes the output and stop playing. The output is reset to the iPhone. This also happens when you are trying to change the audio by clicking the bottom section where it shows the connected device. The app goes to the screen where you see the slider but immidiatly disconnects the Spotify Connect device.


I'm using Spotify and the Spotify Connect device for some time now and this issue has never come up. It's also not present if I disconnect the Echo dot from the network, just by unplugging the power.


It's also not behaving like that if I'm using the Echo dot as the streaming device. I can go in the app whenever I want change the volume, change the song. It just continues.


But thats not what I expect when I'm using other devices to stream to.

Do you know if this is an know issue please?




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Good Day,
I have the same problem.
When I stream music over my Hama Internet Radio (supported Spotify Device) and I open the app,
the app changes the output and stops playing. Very annoying!

This Issue affects my Android and Apple Smartphone and my Windows 10 PC (official Spotify Application).

I have noticed that all my devices have installed a new Spotify version recently.


Hi Christian,

Thanks for your reply, I have noticed it was working just 1 time as expected. I mean, opening the Spotify app did not stop it. Instead, it told me it was already streaming to my receiver. Something which was enjoying for months before Alexa came to my house.


I've recorderded a quick video to show what the issue is:

Don't know if this is a Spotify or Alexa bug but it's very anoying..




Thank you Rustig36. Good to know.

I tried to disonnect my Hama Internet Radio from WiFi and then I don't have trouble with Spotify Connect.

But that's not a solution for me.


"it told me it was already streaming to my receiver" -The app told you or who?



Sorry, I wasnt clear. I meant: the App (the Spotify App) just showed me it was still streaming. This is normal behaviour if you ask me. Within the app you can select, keep on streaming 🙂 or pull the audio to your iPhone.

Same happens to me. I have two Amazon Echo Dots. Using Spotify connect from iPhone to (iOS 11.2.1) to play on an Onkyo TX-NR818 receiver. Same behavior you describe. Very annoying. It’s been like this for over a year now. 

Same issue here! Playing via Spotify connect on receiver, when opening Spotify app on iPhone the music stops playing on the receiver. 

Same behavior here.  One thing that I noticed is that it happens every time the Echo device reconnects to the WiFi/internet.  If power cycle the Echo Dor while music is being streamed to a HiFiberry w/ Spotify Connect, once the Echo Dot is ready, music stops and iPhone Spotify’a app disconnects from Hifiberry.  If it is disconnected it is a question of seconds for music to stop being streamed.

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