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Spotify Connect to control Mac playback from iPhone

Spotify Connect to control Mac playback from iPhone

I can't use Spotify Connect from my iPhone to control music playing on my Mac. On the icon of Spotify Connect it says though that "with Spotify Connect you can play and control Sptify in all your devices" and there's a computer on the image, so I've gotten pretty confused.

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Unfortunately, it hasn't been added to the desktop clients just yet. Hopefully it will in the future.

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they probably shouldn't show the computer in the spotify connect option as it is quite misleading (as well as frustrating)

Does anyone know when will Spotify Connect come to the desktop edition?


Honestly, even the support/help link (and 1st Google Result for me - Safari, Mac, iPhone, Spotify fully patched on iPhone and Mac...) indicates I should be able to control desktop spotify w/ Spotify Connect on phone.


If this isn't implemented, they need to *at least* add "coming soon" to the documentation and app - FFS.

Sorry - just annoyed.

A friend of mine at Uni created an App called Unified Remote. He has just updated it to work across all platforms and includes (for free) a Spotify remote. I've just installed it and its pretty slick! Just google Unified Remote 🙂 

Unified Remote looks awesome! Thanks for the tip 🙂

I have switched now to an Android phone and a brand new Surface 3 from Microsoft (Awesome product by the way), and downloaded a great Android App named "Spotimote".  It works great in controlling the music playing in the Surface 3... So problem solved for me 🙂

+1 for Unified Remote - its a great app and the best free Mac remote app I have ever tried.  I just purchased the full version

Remoteless for Spotify is the best $2.99 i've spent in the itunes store. If you are fully immersed in the Apple ecosystem...this is the app to have. I'm not the developer btw, but I suggest he/she be supported. 

i only found it on my phone but not on my mac

Does this mean we can not play our music through our laptops yet? I dont even have a connect button on my phone app and I want to listen on my macbook. 

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